Dietry question

Hi. I'm currently a business student and I have decided that for my project I will be opening a cafe that provides food and guidance to specific sorts and work out regeims. Providing specific menus for Rugby players, footballers, weightlifters and of course runners.

I am a runner myself but diet has never been a big issue with me, I eat healthy but don't exactly stick to what you mite call a runners diet.

This is where I need your help, I would like to know specific details you can give me about the diet neccessary to be a runner. This will not only help me as regards to my business but will help me personally as i've signed up for my first marathon and hope to proceed to iron man.

I just need things like average calories a day, what nutriants are needed, whats off limits, literally anything that comes to mind.

Any help would be fantastic image


  • What literally comes to mind is that you learn correct spelling and grammar before embarking on more ambitious projects.

  • I think you may be over thinking this.

    I've seen world champion cyclists eating in the same pizza hut as me.

    I don't think it makes that much difference for the odd meal out.
  • yeah the odd meal out is fine but surely champions like that have some form of controlled diet.Weight training and any sport that requires size is fairly easy, protein and lots of it.

    oh and bear, nice to see that in a world where lack of manners is the norm you are leading the charge on an internet forum, well done to you.lets hope you don't reproduce and bring down the downfall of mankind. Have a nice day image


  • Sorry Mark, I was not being gratuitously spiteful, but if you are serious about going into business then your plan must be written in a professional manner.  When you approach someone with a view to funding your project they will not be impressed by a plan littered with a lot of very basic errors.  They might well conclude that if you cannot be bothered to do such fundamental things as run a spell check then you might well show an equal lack of attention to other more important aspects of your business such as proper book keeping.


  • I just find the whole concept of a cafe for all different types of athletes a bit ludicrous. You're assuming that somewhere (where you place your cafe) there is going to be a huge concentration of professional athletes who care enough about honing their diet to different disciplines, rather than just eating healthily, and that they would frequent your cafe rather than have their meals prepared by their dietician.


    There's already a specialist cafe, they have all different types of customers and always prepare something unique.
  • Wish I could afford to eat in a cafe everyday.


    Useless crap website, if it says it can insert a youtube video, it should!

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