Is this a calf strain?

Just started  light and slow jogging again after a knee ACL reconstruction. I have been going 2 weeks now all ok. Yesterday I felt my left calf tight on the operated leg I had knee done 5 months ago. Anyhow today on the treadmill I was light jogging when ping, I felt something, the calf was tight before and a bit sore but thought it was just wear and tear and aching from training. I felt a pin and that was it I had to stop.

I can now barely put any weight on the calf and its like ive got cramp but its not cramp if you know what i mean. Im retsing it with ice.

Does it sound like a calf strain and if so how long am i out for as ive started training again  for next years london marathon as I have a spot.

Im a bit gutted as only just gone back to training.

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