7 year old daughter running shoes

Hi I need some advice....my 7 year old daughter has started 'marathon club' at school. They run a a marathon over the course of the school year. I want to get her some decent trainers if she's going to be taking it up. I'm confused by all of the different types and brands. Can anyone recommend a good pair? Thanks Donna x


  • I remember running forever in a pair of Dunlop green flash when I  was a kid. The most important thing IMHO is that they are comfortable and don't rub. That said I have bought my daughter a pair of Saucony Kinvara as they are really light and comfortable.

  • I would take her to a running shop, they'll be able to help you find a pair that suits her.

  • Thanks Rachel x
  • agree with going to a running shop............if they are doing their runs on grass and short distances #she provbably won't need anything fancy..........which is a good job when you consider how fast their feet grow

  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    Personally I would stick with good old Clarks, at age 7 a proper fit is more important than cushioning etc and they will allow room to grow. My daughter's (age8) trainers are from there and have lasted her a year +. She does after school athletics.

    Marathon club - what a great idea image
  • Katrina..........you are so lucky to get a year out of shoes at that ageimage...

     a good fitting trainer of any make would work just as well ...and a lot cheaper.....a good running shop would be able to look at the childs trainers and tell you if they are ok.......


  • if you listen to the barefoot lobby that is in fashion at the moment.........i think the best footwear would be the old fashioned black plimsole..a couple of pounds a pair and they allow the child to run natyrally rather than all the cuwshioning ets that yoiu would get with all trainers including clarks.............the posh version of this would be from a runing shop with maybe some spikes

  • Thanks guys, this is really helpful. I have also read about the barefoot research, which is where I got confused. I know that the school won't let her wear plimsoles on the field because of slipping but some with some spikes on sounds a good idea image
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