Hello there,

I was just wondering if ANYONE could help me,

Im a final third year student studying at University for the Creative Arts. For my final year project.i have decided to focus on sportswear and create a new affordable lifestyle sportswear line. 

I would really appreciate it if you had a spare 2 minutes to fill in this quick questionnaire regards what brands you buy and what sportswear items you buy, its made up of 10 questions that are completely anonymous which can be answered with a click of a button!!

Here is the link for the survey, (it isn't spam i have created it on the monkey survey website.)

Please feel free to reply to this post with any opinions and facts you feel i need to know about!!
Thank you so much for your help, i really appreciate it!!

Steph xxx 



  • Hormel make a good product line
  • is the sudent bar closed toninght image 

  • Steph I think you need to do more research - "sweat resistant" clothing does not sound like a very good idea to me! The idea of technical fabrics is to let the sweat through as quickly as possible.

  • Probably would be useful to ask what sports respondents did, because you are likely to get wildly different answers from, for example, a cyclist and a runner.
  • "Would you / Do you wear sportswear as casual wear?"

    I think this question is assuming you wear track suit bottoms and a fleecy hoody to train in, I wouldn't wear my running tights and compression top to tescos. Seems like a total lack of understanding about "sports" wear compared to fashion wear.


    "Does celebrity endorsements affect you when purchasing sportswear?"

    WTF???!?! Why would it? Same as the last question, why would having a branded logo on it make me run any different? Stupid.

  • Think the hint is in Steph calling it a "lifestyle sportswear " range...... They are not the same thing
  • I totally agree but then some of the questions ask what would make you choose one item over another, such as technical fabric, so I believe there is some intention to do some sport in this hyperthetical clothing.

  • Hello Stephanie,

    I stopped answering your questionaire after the male/female and age questions...  up to that point, you were doing well.   After that, it is clear that you don't really have any idea about what 'sports wear' is.   I suspect you may be influenced by Sports Direct and JJB type outlets.   Its about function and quality, not fashion.  

    It'll only take you half an hour of looking over this Runners World site, looking at the adverts, the numerous discussions under the Gear forum and you'll find all the answers you need..  I very much doubt anyone will shop for their technical sports clothing in Debenhams!  

    You could start by looking at Wiggle, seeing what they offer, reading the reviews of the various products and then re-thinking your project from scratch....


  • No I buy my technical tops in house of fraser! NOT! pmsl

    I do however buy some stuff from sports direct, they do have "proper" running gear, mainly Karrimor and it's cheap, perfect for building layers in the winter.

  • If, on the other hand, you asking about clothing that isn't intended to be used during sports, but something to wear casually that is based on sports clothes in terms of its design then that is a totally different subject and you should make clear what your thoughts are...


  • Debenhams stock Speedo in Chester.
  • I bought my swimming trunks from Debenhams. John Richard they are - very nice.
  • Suppose if its lifestyle sports wear you need a Scouser to explain the correct colour of shellsuit for different occasions ? Where's Liverbird when you need her ?
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    The label on your swimming trunks is important. I got thrown out of the local swimming baths - I was wearing Speedo trunks but hadn't noticed that the S had fallen off.

  • thank you for some of your 'comments' - just to let everyone know its the first questionaire of many to gain opinions, the line wouldnt be fosued just on runners (i have been asking other forums and they agree with the idea) and the whole idea of asking for your opinions is to create a new sucessful line, its not just going to happen out of the blue. As past of the breif i have been given i have to ask certin questions, so to me this isnt a joke.

    thanks again!

  • The standard of spelling of students asking advice this weekend is terrible
  • haha OK.

  • So glad that you think lack of attention to detail is unimportant
  • As far as as most of the replies go, you all need to take it down a notch. Not once did the girl claim to have an extensive knowledge of the subject, and has purely come to this site for advice, so for everyone to try and rip shreds off of her is completely irrational and dowright out of order. The fact that a bunch of grown adults have taken to insulting a young girl, who has simply come to this website to further her knowledge to do as well as she possibly can in a project, is unfathomable. As she has said it is the early stages of her research, so perhaps in future stick to constructive critism rather than pretentious comments that help no one, and essentially makes you look a bunch of stuck up pricks.

    PS Dave, your comment was simply unnecessary, the matter at hand is her getting results she needs, not nitpicking. Maybe I could suggest you get out more.


  • Correct spelling is unnecessary ?

    Perhaps that's what's wrong with the youth of today
  • It appears you have misunderstood. Your comment is unnecessary. She is not asking for advice with spelling, so does it really need to be brought up? The youth of today is not the problem, The generalizations that you like to make are.


    I'm 20 years old.

  • If she is asking for advice and help with her university course, the very least she could do is check her spelling, shows a lack of respect to us if she can't really be bothered.
  • look "DAVE THE EX-SPARTAN' ( lol ) if you dont like it dont post on this thread dont you have anything else better to do, your a joke, please get a life and leave this thread alone you sad sad man.

  • and my course ISNT A ENGLISH COURSE.

  • I was only trying to help
  • So you can ignore spelling and English ?

    Yep all that is wrong with education today
  • for your information if you must know i have dyslexia. so thanks for that, people like you are disgusting and give a bad name to society.

  • Trying to help youth, gives society a bad name ?

    You came here asking for advice, shame you don't like the answers
  • the answers you are giving bare no relevance to my inital post.


    so yes people like you give society a bad name.

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