What pace do you think I can push in a 10k?

As per the subject, I have run at 8:23 in a solo training run for 5 miles. It felt really quite tough at the end and I don't know how much longer I could have kept it up for. Then again, it was a training run and I was all alone! I was not really trying to go all out but that is probably a good thing because I was able to maintain my pace throughout the run but I do have to say at the end it was a fair old struggle. 

What pace do you think I could run at for a full 10k run in a race? Adrenalin is bound to help. What do you guys think I should shoot for as my pace? The race is tomorrow morning, and yes this is probably nervous rambling.


  • sub 8:00

    my first 10k target was 7:00 m/m and I ran 6:36 m/m ave. only having run just 7 m/m for 5 miles once before.

  • Sod it that is all the encouragement I needed. I will shoot for 8 min/mile. Banzaaiiiiiiiii!
  • Ps you are blooming fast (compared to me) image
  • 8mm sounds reasonable. When is the race? Are you planning to dp any 10km+ runs beforehand?
  • The race is in about 3 hours. I did a 14 mile run last weekend. I'm 4 weeks in to my marathon training plan so it was run slow at 10:20m/m.
  • Go for it.  The toughest thing i've found as a beginner is maintaining confidence during the middle section of a new distance.  Around miles 3-4 of a 10k the doubts come "I'm not sure that I can keep this up".  Just believe that you can and you will.

  • Well the course took me by surprise! It was rather hilly and I did not expect this. According to my garmin I finished in 51:38 which means my pace was around 8:19. I was ok for the first 1km or so but then I went too fast and really paid for it on the hills in the middle of the race. It was a real slog after that. Nothing at all like my training runs.

    Oh we'll. I smashed my pb but I know I can go faster. Next race is Gosport half marathon in Nov. I will be much more careful about sticking to my chosen pace there.
  • Well done! But I would really go for it at Gosport too as it's so flat (unless it's very windy). I always use Gosport to see things are going for my marathon training. 

  • Good running. If you smashed your pb then you can't really complain.
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