13/13/13 challenge

A friend and I ran (without stopping!!) the London Marathon this year. We (mostly) enjoyed the training and loved the day, but TBH it look me far longer than I expected to recover, both mentally and physically and it's only in the last month or so that I've got properly back into my running. 

My friend has suggested, as we both need a new challenge, that we embrace unlucky 13 next year and aim to do 13 half-marathons in the 12 months. 

I am liking the idea, but a little concerned that it might turn out to be expensive as finding local races all year round could be challenging. Also that we'll always be either tapering for or recovering from a race? 

What do more experienced runners think? Any tips on how to organise things? 


  • Do you have to do events or could you just do a 13.1 run every month - completely free.

  • Out of curiosity I've just calculated the cost of me doing one half marathon race every month for a year.

    Based on this years entry fees, plus the cost of petrol,

    Total = £480.

    The 13th race would easily take it over £500.

    guv001 wrote (see)

    Do you have to do events or could you just do a 13.1 run every month - completely free.

    First Sunday of every month and one on New Years Eveimage

  • Just completed 12 marathons in 2012 for a challenge this year (although will do 2 more because I can't stop myself now). For me it works out financially as it keeps me off the booze for a week and no nice dinners out on the Saturday night before a race. What a pro.

  • I'm doing the same 13 x 13 in 13. To me the cost is justified as it is a weekend away for the family in a hotel and they love getting away to different places each month. It's not just about the running but spending time together in new cities and exploring also. 

    Freddy I must admit I don't look at the cost too closely as I spread the entery fees over a few months and then the hotels/meals are out of usual expenses. 

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