Please help novice with injury

So, I am quite new to running, got into it 6 months ago, and have been doing very well (surprising myself), been training quite intensly for three months as my first HM is coming up, did the course of the  HM in 1:57 last saturday, BRILLIANT, now i can taper down and look toward carg loading, wooooppps! next day doing nothing much and a pain develops in my lower back, this is the following Saturday and I still have it. Its not major ( I can walk around, go to my work), but its just there, a niggle, a twinge and the hm is a week today, registration is a day before, I have eyes set on a full marathon in December and dont want to wreck my chances of that, but I had my heart set on doing both, trying everything to aid recovery, need some experienced advice, what would you do if it went altogeher, by, say tuesday wednesday? I am 33, and not looking to break records just run it if that helps, thanks in advance for any help


  • Go to a physio or get a sports massage.

  • Sounds like you'll probably be okay to run. Your lower back pain was perhaps not related to your running, rather maybe something like you were sleeping in a funny position that night. In all the running injuries I've picked up over the years, I've never hurt my lower back yet. But I've had lower back pain loads of times from doing other things. Sounds like it's clearing up on its own and you'll be fine to run...

    If it's gone by Tues/Wed, go out for a gentle 2-3 mile jog and see if that causes it to flare up again. If not you're fine. If so, assess the pain and decide whether you want to knock back some ibuprofen and run anyway. That would be a personal choice and not really something anyone could decide for you...

  • A good sports massage will target any tight muscles and work them loose. I get one once a month and find it really helps.

    Before running try doing dynamic stretches, I concentrate a lot on legs swings, stand in one foot and swing the opposite leg back and forth 20 times, then swap legs. Then swing one leg left and right in front of the other and swap, and again left and right behind the statioary leg and swap.

    This will help "open" your hips to allow you to run more freely.

    In the long run try some core strengthening work.

    All these work outs and dynamic warm ups can be found on the RW website.

    Oh and pain killers work wonders as well if all else fails. Good luck.

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