Milltown to Moors Oldham Half Marathon

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glad this race is back got 1h37 this time my fastest ever on this race those hills make you work


  • Blimey mate, great time. Got 1.43
  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    my legs where dead by the end    this is 2 weeks after getting 3h43 in chester marathon

  • Tell me about it, 3.46 there, still buzzing
  • Terrific race, first vet 45 in 1.27.

    A big thanks to all volunteers for making it happen.

    Loved the hills and the views!!
  • Brilliant, thats all I can say. As much as I am aching today, it was well worth it. Anyone know where there are any photos?

  • Wokky, some photos on the race's facebook page. Some to be found at

    What a fantastic event! Top marks to the organisers and the volunteers - for bringing it back to the racing calendar and for doing it so well. Great course, great views, amazing support, totally efficient organisation.


  • First time for me..happy with 2;01 finish..hated the last 1/2 mile but overall brilliant...well done to the organisers..defo do it next year

  • Just put the following on marathon talk, may get mention on show, unlikely but you never know.


    RAVE Oldham Half Marathon.  Tech t-shirt, great support beautiful weather, chipped time, free race pictures, tea and coffee straight after race and then a free buffet and soup in the local pub all for £14.  Tough 1200 foot climb but stunning views at the top.  Just shows what can be done for a cheap price.  Puts the bigger races to shame. 

  • Can only agree with Sir John. What a great run but i still have bad dreams about those hills.  We must have been running together cos i came in on 1:43 also.  I liked the fact that it was run by local groups and runners for the community. It has a friendly feel to it that was lacking at the bigger manchester events.

  • Alright guys,

    im running this race on Sunday. Any tips? HM PB is 1:29 at Warrington last year and I'm in that sort of shape. Not sure whether to b conservative or go for it. What do you think. 



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