Need a new chest strap for Garmin 305 - can you get them?

As the title says  - I am struggling to find a new strap but the actual watch is fine. Any ideas where you can get one from , if you can that is


  • check ebay, I am sure I have seen them there

    that said, the whole unit is only about £20

  • Yes you can, just look on amazon
  • Speak to Garmin, very helpful, I have an old forerunner 101 that takes aaa batteries and I sometimes use it for long runs as it lasts longer than my newer 305, I lost the back off the battery cover and they sent me one for free.


  • It is a whole unit I want where the battery fits into, not just the strap which I have seen around on the net.

  • The whole unit on ebay for £20   image

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Garmin sell them separately, just have a look round Amazon or Handtec or

  • Sorted - from Ebay £20 although had them at £45


    Thanks for the swift responses

  • The ones at will be the new soft touch ones that come with the 310 and the 910

  • i prefer the old 305 one but it doesn't work with the newer garminsimage

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