Trail shoes Vs water Vs big arse blisters

So after doing a 100k run in a pair of nike support shoes which are good for road running but pretty useless at stopping you getting blisters.

Im in UK and have another 100k, london to brighton coming up next year and wondering:

1:Which socks will stop me getting really bad blisters on the outsides of my feet due to them being too hot (i wore X-Socks which sadly dont stop feet overheating, thus slightly dissapointed given their price and hype)

2:I going to wear a trail shoe as my X-talons were fantastic, but they too hardcore for long distance thus need some stability/more duable lowers for doing this again, BUT NEED BREATHABLE UPPER to let water out fast!

suggestions, again im in UK so a lot of the good american socks i cannot buy it seemsimage



  • If you think you know what overseas socks you want, have a look on eBay. A lot of American sellers are happy to ship to the UK if you just email and ask them. I've bought Injinji socks from various US sellers - whoever's cheapest when I need to buy them really - and even with postage fees it works out about the same price, maybe even cheaper, as buying from running shops over here. Last purchase was 4 pairs for £32 including postage which I thought was excellent...

  • Really can't see the point in spending lots on socks. Any of my thin cycling socks seem to work well for running.
  • I was having a conversation with a guy yesterday about socks. Look out for Runbreeze socks. or Sealskinz. They are very breathable.

    As for the trail shoe, i've bought the X-Talons myself and i think i know what you mean about the long distance thing. Have a look at the Roclite's, they look a lot sturdier and could probably go the distance. I tried them on before i went for the 212.


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