Running at night



  • running at night is safe! I wear white shorts, lumo green shirt and if I know I'll be on roads with poor lighting, I have a reflective band with a red flashing LED.


    However, the past 2 nights, every runner I've come across (around 7 so far) have all been in black with little to no reflective clothing to be seen!


    Running at night is as safe or as dangerous as you make it IMO!

  • I alternate cycling and runing in my commute, because I can secure my bike at work, so I cycle in, run home, then next day run in, cycle home. repeat.

    At the moment i'm running in the dark most of both ways. I'll get a slight reprieve in the mornings from next week, when the clocks go back so it'll be lighter in the mornings for a few weeks, but generally I feel safer running in the morning. As discussed previously on a thread here, the thugs and ne'er do wells are not famed for their early starts, so are all tucked up in bed when i'm on my way to work, but they're out and about when i'm running home. Thankfully my route is well lit, extremely busy. I'm also a bit handy when I need to be, although I suspect that wouldn't be much help if leapt on by a bunch of teenagers :-

  • There was a bloke on here a few years back who swore blind about running with the flow of traffic. Nothing would sway him.  Er but I've not seen him around for ages. image

    The main advantage of being on the right is that you can see if a car has seen you. The amount of cars that you see in the daylight that drive too close to the car in front is shocking. If you can't see the driver of the car behind - they can't see you. Prepare to dive into the hedge !


  • Have to say from experiance I've had less "near misses" when i set my head torch to flashing , a lot of drivers don't sem to react to a steady light, as Ian M says a flashing light distracts me when I'm driving which in my book translates to I've seen something.


  • And that is why F1 drivers have a flashing red light during wet races. A flashing light gets more notice than a light that is permanently on.

    Think about it, zebra crossings, amber lights on skips/traffic cones, police lights (extreme example I know), hazards, rail crossings etc etc.... Anything that needs attention flashes!

  • Thanks for all your suggestions guys! my run went fine, im going again this wednesday

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