Winter cycling tights


After looking through various reviews and sites I am struggling to choose a decent pair of winter cycling tights. I went out last winter with some cheepo ones from Decathlon, but with about 3 other layers on which just about kept the 4 am December frost out. I am confused about sizing too as there seems to be many ill-fitting brands which allow wind to ya extremitiesimage.

So which do you reccomend???





  • Tri shorts or normal shorts and a pair of running tights over the top or underneath dependant on your comfort .....

    Knee and leg warmers as an optional (and removable ) extra

  • M...eldy cheers, which brand would you reccomend? Or are all brands much of a muchness? Really want tostie ones image

  • I like Gore stuff. It's not cheap but it's never let me down. I'm thinking of splashing the cash on some Gore thermal cycling bibs. The Endura ones just seem to let the wind whistle through and everything gets lost

  • I've also heard very good things about Gore. Castelli equally so.

    A few years ago I shelled out a small fortune for Assos ones and I have to say they were worth every penny but they are quite an investment.
  • I use gore or endura.
    I got some fusion stuff and they are nice as well.

    I started with cycle shorts or 3/4s and a pair of ronhills over the top.  They go over the windstoppers on really cold / or wet days

    However its the wrong time of year for sale stuff

  • Gore is fabulous stuff ... pricey but worth it

    Keep an eye on SPorts Pursuit and Tri Deals as they come up often

  • The aldi ones are quite good and dirt cheap !
  • Aldi/Lidl stuff is good value if you can find any left

  • I'm only an occasional cycler these days but I find Polaris make good, mid priced kit.
  • I like DHB from Wiggle, cheap and cheerful and functional. Pad hurts after a while so have to do hills so don't use it as much.

  • PS. no leaks to extremities either. Have never needed anything else on the bottoms and I feel the cold.

  • I have Gore windstopper tights - they seem very good.  If you shop around you can find them at a resonable price.

  • I find santini really comfy as well as my 2xu bib tights.  have some endura which lasted for years too, just bought a pair of DHB to try as the reviews were good.

    Bib tights are far better than normal or running tights, it helps to keep your back covered and warm.

  • Thanks for all the replies. I am feeling warmer just reading!

  • i love my castelli nanoflex knee and arm warmers. they make me feel special.

  • arm and leg warmers are not ideal for very cold winters,any decent cycling shop usually have staff who should be able to advise on the latest and best bib tights,you only get what you pay for.

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