First time marathon

I'm sure this has been done before but most of the threads are a bit old so hopefully nobody will get upset about starting it up again.

I think it's about time to move up to my first Marathon and think it will need to be September / October next year, anyone any thoughts on what is a good first time marathon.

I rather enjoy making a weekend of my events so don't mind going to europe so any such suggestions just as welcome as UK ones. 


  • Chester and Loch Ness are both excellent and both in Sep/Oct, Chester is flatter apart from one short hill at 24 miles, and would be good for a first

  • Berlin or Amsterdam if you fancy something outside the UK

    I'm going to do Berlin next September, should be a good place for a recovery !

  • Chester is very scenic and the organisation is excellent.

    As a crap runner I'd say it was not flat and seemed to undulate and have lots of long drags in it, especially in the second half of the course, which for me made it hard! It is a great race though. 

    But as EKGO says it is reported as a PB potential course!

  • Amsterdam is a good one.  Very flat indeed, and you finish in the olympic stadium image


  • Abingdon, always popular, flat and well organised. Entry opens Feb but get in early.

  • Thanks Guys Amsterdam, Berlin or Chester sound interesting give me something to investigate next week when i'm giving myself a week off as recovery after the GSR on Sunday.


  • Berlin 2013 registeration opens this coming Thursday.

  • I'm in the same situation, hoping to do my first marathon next autumn but looking for one in the UK.

    A the moment I'm considering Chester, Mablethorpe and Abingdon
  • Thanks all for the advice, Decided on Chester entry now is so no turning back !!!!

  • My first marathon was Dublin last October. I really enjoyed it, everyone was so supportive and encouraging. The crowds were fantastic, especially along the final painful miles. Dublin's a lovely city too. I would thoroughly recommend it.
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