Mental Strength Techniques book

Hi Guys,

My main area of weakness is my mentral strength. I'm looking t buy some books on techniques and exercises so to improve this weak aspect of my training.

Can anyone suggest a book that has helped them?



  • I don't really know that there are any aimed particularly at runners. One of Matt Fitzgerad's books is called Brain Training for Runners but I'm not sure whether it's exactly the sort of thing you want - I haven't read it myself. Probably any book with mental focus techniques would do. You might be better off with inspirational running books, biographies of people who've done some amazing stuff, that sort of thing? He also wrote one called Iron War about a rather epic Ironman race.

  • You're asking for help to find a self-help book?

  • Tom, can you be more specific about what you perceive to be your weakness? When you say you want to improve mental strength, what does that mean?

    You're lazy when it comes to getting off the couch? You're easily manipulated? You're a doormat in relationships? The self help book industry is HUGE. I'd suggest narrowing down your search a bit. HTH

  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for the replies. I mean I'm mentally weak when running. Any excuse to not run ( although obviously its great when I have) , but my menu weakness is stopping when I'm running. I tend to take more walking breaks than I should

    I try and play mental games (recalling travel routes when backpacking, list countries for each letter of the alphabet etc) so to override the desire to stop.

    I'm looking for techniques to keep going and not stop.

    "The mind will give up 10 times before the body does" is very true I find.

    Any directions?

  • Get a running buddy! I'm awful for finding excuses to stop - shoelace to adjust, kids on bikes to let past, dog to pat, butterfly to look at, etc etc - but I really notice when training with my running buddy that I just don't do it. When you're running with someone else you just kind of keep on going and don't even feel like stopping or slowing.

    Club running has the same effect image
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