Returning to running after a long lay off

Hello all

Just about to start running again after a 2 year  (and 2 stone on) layoff. Lost a stone and half so i have decided to start again from scratch and go for my first run this coming week with the aim of doing a park run in december. I am a bit nervous because its been that long, but i suppose its suck it and see. Will keep it updated.


  • Good luck - hope it goes well! Congrats for the weight loss and the returning to running!

  • You know you won't regret it mate, get out there and enjoy.

    Good luck.

  • i started in may after 18mths out and a 10kg weight gain.

    in retrospect i wish i'd put my ego to one side and used interval runs using the couch to 5k. unrealistic expectations brought on calf strains and meant it took longer to reach this distance with my own non-interval routine.

  • glad that you have got going agiqan.just remmeber not to try and do too much too soon.............and don't compare times and distances with what you were doing before the lay off..just start from fresh


    good luck

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