British Ultrafest 48HR

Have rather quickly (too quickly) moved from thinking that there is nothing I would want to do less than run around a 400m track for 48HRS to printing and filling out the entry form; anyone out there with experience of this type of event? Training and race day(s) tips very welcome indeed ......




  • Fuck. That.

    But best of luck to you
  • Lirish - Careful that was my first reaction, then the glorious obsurd, pointlessness of it started to burrow into my simple brain and has now taken over!

  • Alistair ... Have you lost it completely...My training advice get used to going around in circles,at least you wont get lost,good luck buddy

  • DT - You can have a rest on this one buddy will not need your 'muling' or navigation services!


  • You are off your trolley Sir.....

    WELL DONE image

    Seriously, I think it's got to be a walk run strategy, stuck to rigidly as there's going to be no variation in terrain to force it. I think you need to have lots of alternative plans in place to deal with every eventuality ie weather, clothing, medical etc. Fuelling is going to be difficult - I have no idea how you can replicate what your body may want at any given time? Again, try to cover every possibility - hot, cold, sweet, sour etc etc...same with drinks? If you've never run with music before now might be the time to start thinking about it - even down to different playlists for different times of day/night...

    I'd also consider training for sleep deprivation, and training your body to allow you to sleep in 15 minute windows etc...

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭

    wow... looking at their website there is also a 6 day event option!!


  • Rocker - All great thoughts, cheers buddy; you are right I never run with music (not even at TR24) and yes then might be the time to start mmm playlist ... The Archers omnibus would take up a bit of time; definitely get some long night runs in; hadn't thought of the lack of natural pace regulators (hills) very good point indeed; food, God only knows what is the 'norm', I know they provide 3 meals a day but outside of that not sure that gels will really do much! As an aside will try and get two cycles of metabolic efficiency training in beforehand to better adpat to burning fat.

    MR F - Yeah not sure what the 48HR option counts as, I guess the 24HR is the 'Fun Run' mmm perhaps then the 48HR is the 'Short Course'.

  • The entry fee alone is enough to get me dizzy,let alone going around in circles for 48 hrs.

  • DAYTREKKER - It's down to me to get value / mile!

  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    Alistair - If you are going the ipod route maybe save a coupel of usual podcasts or something until race day?! talkultra will see you through a couple of hours.

    With regards pacing etc I am sure some people on here will have done 24hr track races but maybe people with GUCR experience could be of some use too if you know of anyone?

    Read up on a few blogs from races like Self transendence 24 hour track race, GUCR, Badwater. May get some useful info in there.

    No real use myself but that is probably where I would start my info finding.

    Good luck image

  • I did the 24 hour track race at tooting , the laps were ok, food, drink and toilets every 400m. I only stopped to go to the loo and change shoes ( once) , I ate whilst walking. Others left the track for a lie down.

    I started off for the first 4 hours having a lap walk every hour then went to a lap every 40 mins. Sometime after halfway,can't remember when I started walking for 2 laps then 3. I was having stomach issues so would eat something then walk a bit longer to try and let it settle before running again --actually it was prob just an excuse to walk for longer

    I really don't know how I would play if I were doing 48 hours. One of the hardest things was getting in the food as after 12 hours I didn't fancy anything and was not eating enough so then after 20 hours I almost came to a standstill, had a tantrum and walked for 2 hours. After about an hour or so of walking I got a bit of an appitite again and snaffled down some peanut butter on toasty. Once that got into me I felt I could run again.

    I think if I were doing 48 hours I would probably take proper meal breaks. Maybe even sit down for them and then walk for an hour or so to let it go down properly before running again , dunno really. I think I will do the 24 hour option
  • Hi Hellen, thanks for the post, really appreciate it, nice to hear about your event. I did a 24 hour trail event this year and also ran into stomach issues at 12 hours so that is definitely an area I will need to focus on.
  • Meant to ask Alistair ('cos I'm too lazy to google it), when and where is it? What are you going to do for crew support?
  • Rocker - Starts 10AM August 15th, it's in Abingdon, Oxford. No idea crew wise will be a shout for help nearer the time it will be a big ask as it's summer and mid-week, anyone who can pop by for however long or short will get a heck of a welcome from me!

  • Rough me in mate... Seriously! I'm working Ndw100 with Lou the weekend before, she only lives 30 mins away so rather than travel home I might make a bit of a holiday of it, camp nearby and then hook up with you?!
  • Rocker - that would be awesome, race entry includes a room in student digs adjacent to the track so accm inc for the two nights, support would be super welcome and of course will very willingly be reciprocated when needed. Am in credit with a couple of pals so hopefully will get a few people dropping in and out over the 2 days and nights.

  • Alistair

    I think you have found a race that even I think is too bonkers to attempt!

  • Alistair, if im off work (school hols ) i will most certainly come down to Abingdon and help you out if you need more crew to bring you thingsimage

  • Ben - I am certainly looking forward to spending some time with the 6 day runners, how nuts are they? But be careful it's the glorious, absurd, pointlessness that has managed to burrow itself into my simple noggin ... ....

    Loulabell - Be awesome to see you, I think a friendly face or two will make all the difference.

  • Alistair, no probs. glad to helpimage

  • if you start 15th would you like me to come there on 16th Ali? i can book that day offimage

  • Loulabell - First awesome, totally awesome, thanks. Second up to you, if it were me I'd pump for the 16th as that runs into a long weekend. Again on hand to reciprocate as required. 

  • Alistair - Well, i'm up for it for the whole 48 hours if you want mate image Seriously - I reckon it will be a real adventure....

    As for reciprocation...well, maybe - but I didn't offer for that reason image

  • Rocker - Crew chief t-shirt design on its way to the printers with your name on it! It will be awesome to have someone record my decline into the abyss and or journey to transendence! 

    I am really looking forward to getting some track time with the 6 dayers, how awesome are they? Particuarly hope William Sichel runs ( as he is a bit of a hero.

    Isn't this what is awesome about ultra's huh, from post on training to two crew in a matter of days! 


  • The six day runners come across as being surprisingly normal Alistair.  This is an event that is going to be very demanding from a mental standpoint.  Expect the same kind of problems that people have with the GUCR in spades.  Half the battle is going to be identifying where the mental stress points are going to come, and being ready for them. 

  • Ben - I think you are spot on there and that s very much the point of entering to really test my mental strength in the build up to MdS.

  • I chatted to someone during the 24 hour races who has done some 6 day-ers. There was me thinking they might do 30-40 miles a day and have a nice meal and sleep but he was saying people will run about 18 hours a day , not sure what he did but he said you learn a lot about yourself and if is quite a spiritual journey
  • Alistair i think it will be a great event and as you say , total journey into the unknown for sure but as Hellen has said above you are goig to get a lor of return from the experience as in learning about yourself , mentally and physically. it  surely cant give you anything other than positives to take away and use in MDSimage. im looking forward to being there.

  • Best of luck with this. I would also like to do one but havign recently finished a 24 hour , my feet were in shreds. the legs would have gone further I reckon.

    Next year I might do a 48 hour. My thoughts are .... have a look at the distances that people are doing and work out what needs to be covered day 1 and day 2. If you aim to cover most of it on day 1, I think it coud be soul destroying to have to walk the entire day 2. So my plan would be to do a very conservative run/walk that would have you still able to run on the second day. Check some 48 huor results to see how people perform day 1 v day 2 and also check for advice.
    I reckon if you ccan keep your feet from getting blistered or in bad bother , that your body will manage the 48 hour very well.

    Best of luck .


  • Fizziofinn - Thanks, feet wise I am hopeful not really had any issues in events so far. Pacing will try and follow, with the help of my support team, the "start off slow and just when I think I am going too slow, slow down some more approach".

    Distance, that's the real question mark at this stage, I have a distance in mind but need to do some research to get a handle on how aspirational it is or isn't as a target.



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