Newby hall or outlaw

Hi all I realy want to do a half ironman next year and want a bit of advice image The half at Newby hall looks a good one but with only 70 or so in the event at Newby just think it may be to fast an event for my first half what do you think Newby or outlaw ?


  • I suppose you need to think what you what kind of experience you want..i prefer the smaller ones and don't mind if i'm at the back.........but it can get lonely near the end of the run.....

     some people hate racing where there are hundreds of people around them..... taking their personal space...others thrive on it....

  • Think Britrisky did that race this year and love it.


  • Dont mind being at the arse end just want to do a half to give myself somthing to aim for next year done a few sprints and loved them both
  • Cotswold 113 in June or the Cotswold Classic in August. Really nice for your first. It was my first and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    How about the DIY half in May and the Cotswold classic in August image
  • image foo the DIY half might be right up your street mate. other options as well as the above is the wild boar or there is a tri called the beaver you might like.

  • Hi Cake hows tricks ? The Diy half sounds grate and I would have loved to give it a go but its my daughters Bday a few days before so I will be fully booked the beaver and the boar sound like they may need considering , to many events not enough cashimage
  • It was my first - it was flat, so a lot of fast people wanting a PB (or just faster than me anyway).

    A bit of a country hike to the swim start, but you wore shoes and a vehicle takes them back to HQ. The river swim was WELL COLD - but down river, and yes, very few people behind me, but who cares? A very pretty run through the grounds to T1, and then 2 and a bit laps of quiet country roads that came through the park each time, so good for spectators. (Bike route was a bit short by my reckoning)

    The run route was lovely - 4 laps around the grounds, a bit off-road, but good underfoot.

    Got a rather nice rucksak and a medal, but no goody bag or nosh after, but very enjoyable, and the other competitors I spoke to were really friendly (quite a few first timers like me). Oh and free, but very basic camping fairly near (but not quite as near as Outlaw).

    Would definitely do it again

  • image Foo long time no see Tricks are good but live in the sticks now so not been in enclife park on saturdays. If you do consider the boar race there is camping right next to it. The one Brit did sounds good through and probably the same weekend again next year.

  • Thanks for that Britrisky
  • well that's that just gone to sign up for the half outlaw having just got paid to find out the buggers full so its newby hall half or something else to top it off the wetsuit I got off EBay doesn't fit image not my day

    Yes it has been a long time Cake , there was a rumor some one has made an honest man of you image

  • image rumours true matie the poor girl. image

  • Lol didnt want to say anything congrats matie
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