Great Birmingham Run chip time errors?

I finished the BUPA GBR yesterday, and my Garmin Forerunner recorded 1h 59min 24sec, so I was a little surprised when my chip time showed up as 2h 1min 0sec.I would expect +/- 5 sec or so but over 90sec doscrepancy? Have checked 305 against another stopwatch and they agree to within 1 sec after 1 hour. Anyone else found a problem like this?


  • Does your garmin have auto pause switched on when you drop beneath a certain speed?
    That's caught me out before. Any walking near the start, or a drink stops might trigger it.

  • No - and I have learned to run while drinking so I don't need to slow down. There might have been some loss of satellite connection in the underpasses, but it usually tells me when that happens and I wasn't aware of it this time. Annoying though - I was really pleased when I thought I'd cracked the 2 hour barrier!

  • that is galling to be the difference between above and below 2 hours.

    I had no issue with the chip, my 9.99 Karimor from Sportsdirect clocked to the second the right time as the chip  - 

    im not familiar with the garmin, but is it possible it didnt stop timing till a bit after the end? its easy to forget to turn off timers etc when you finish.  I would suggest the chip is right.

    but you are so close to that 2hours, something to go for next year - any runner knows every second counts so i can see why it bugs you.

  • No chip time was spot on against Garmin.  The Garmin did have my moving time at slightly less (and i never stopped at all!)  but i guess that was when the signal was lost in the underpasses?!

  • My Garmin Forerunner 110 was more or less spot on with chip time. 

  • Depending on how far back from the start you were, could that time be the gun-chip time (as opposed to chip-chip time)? If so, it could be that your chip didn't register when you went over the start mat. Or, as I did recently, you are looking at the gun time column instead of the chip time...

  • Had the same problem. Garmin said 1:59 which I was fairly ecstatic about... for about an hour until the official text said 2:00:07! Ran the last mile with the belief that I had a minute or so buffer!

    Confused for a while, but worked out that (for me) it was down to auto pause being on. The minute or so I lost was when going through the 2 underpasses - garmin thought I'd stopped with gps lost and so stopped the clock. Big lesson!

    That said, if you can prove a chip error and can get me back under 2 hrs, I'm all ears!
  • OK sprint, that's probably the explanation - I thought the clock kept running even if the sat link was lost.

    sanity - I know the difference between gun and chip time, and I was sure that the chip registered, so I think sprint has the answer. Going for sub-2 hours next year, because my PB on this run was 1h54min in 2010.


    Thanks for all the feedback, might just use a stopwatch next year! image

  • Switching off autopause before a race is a standard pre-race procedure for people who rely on Garmins.

    Just to save you future problems the other standard "operator error" is not to check that you have sufficient memory left to store the laps of the race. If you don't do this it will just stop when the memory has 999 laps (Garmin 205).

    Ohhh ........ of course it also helps to make sure it is charged!!!

  • You see similar errors at london marathon each year. People pacing for a certain time - but the garmins clock up 26.2 before the actual finish is reached.

    Better luck next race !
  • Sounds like auto pause to me. distance errors sure but time never.

    Did not run it this year but last year some of the underpass were so loud you would not have heard your watch beeping at you.

  • I think I saw some discussion on another GBR thread about official timings being a couple of minutes out, although I think they were people whose official time was 2 minutes quicker than they thought. Have a look here:

  • Seems a few people have had the same problem. They're looking into it.


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