Birmingham Half Marathon

Hi All,

I completed my first 1/2 marathon yesterday in Birmingham and feeling amazing about the whole experience. I'm a newbie and I did it in 2hrs 34 mins (which was pretty much what I was expecting, I'm not a speed machine) and really enjoyed it.

I just wondered if anyone else did it yesterday as I couldn't find a thread on it? 

Also - what suggestions do you all have in terms of how soon I can get entered into my next 1/2? Now that I have done one and trained for it, do I need to do a whole training schedule again before my next? I would like to complete a few more halfs before considering a full and want to get aiming for my next event as soon as possible. Any advice much appreciated.

Well done to all of those who  took part, it was a great day.


  • Sorry guys I just found the official thread to this in Events X

  • I did it for the first time and was thinking the same thing. Did you come up with any ideas?
  • Any facts about the person who died?

  • What do you mean by facts?
  • e.g. M/F. How old. What caused it (overweightness + lack of training; or young fit person keeling over).

    There weren't any facts as of Sunday night, and I haven't read anything about this since to provide details.

    It interests me why people die in these things. Particularly because there seem to be more deaths in half marathons than in marathons, which suggests some people  think they can do half marathons without doing the training first.

  • From what I remember he was a 36 year old family man and he did train beforehand. It's on the news and and the BUPA marathon site.
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