Garmin 610 or Nike+ gps watch

I have had two Nike + GPS watches since January. They have both suffered condensation inside the face when running. Has anyone else suffered this? Is it a common fault? I am now looking for a new GPS watch. Any recommendations? Cheers.


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    A quick google found other people with condensation problems on the Nike+ GPS watch.

    I think you answered the question in your title - I've got a Garmin 405 and its great, except for the bezel.  The 610 cured this, so is the benchmark that all other manufacturers are trying to equal. 

  • I have a 610 and agree - the touchscreen is great and it has all the features you could wish for.

    As I said on a separate post I'm not convinced about reliability though - after a year of heavy usage (2 marathons, up to 6 runs a week) the back has blistered and the watch sometimes misbehaves when I switch it on.

    I would definitely take it over the Nike but keep your receipt.

  • Thanks both, Much Appreciated.image

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