Stick or change?

hi all

i have been using asics nimbus 13 trainers for the past 18mths or so now and i think there time is up, do i just go for the nimbus 14 or does anyone have any suggestions? these are a little different and pretty well priced - but i am worried as to how they would effect my running?




  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    The excel 33 is less shoe than the nimbus, but the nimbus is a heavily padded shoe, so most shoes are!  

    The excel 33 has similar marketing to more minimalist shoes, but retains the same heel-to-toe drop of the nimbus,.  Also, using the shoefitr application, the nimbus and excel are very similar in shape.  Based on this, the excel should fit you.

    The main difference is that the excel is 5mm closer to the ground, and the remaining padding is probably not as soft as the nimbus.  Therefore the ground is likely to feel firmer under your feet, which could be a positive or negative attribute?

    Whenever you change shoe, there is a chance that the new one won't be suitable for your feet, but you have the same risk when moving from nimbus 13 to nimbus 14 etc.  

    Personally, I've started moving away from the spongier, heavier shoes towards lighter firmer ones and I'm happy I've made the change as they "feel" faster than my old ones (my times have not improved to confirm this, but thats probably due to other factors).  This has been right for me, but may not be right for you.



  • Hi stutyr

    thanks - good reply, to be honest i am not sure if the firmer feel would be a positive or negative! ill probably start to rack up some good miles now again that the bike season is over, and i do like a bit of cushioning - legs ache at the moment and i am blaming that on the current trainers cushioning being well and truely gone!

    think i might need to try a pair on !

  • Or buy the Nimbus 13 again - now the 14 is out the 13 will be significantly cheaper. Have a look at online sports retailers - Sweatshop, Wiggle, Sports Direct, and also on eBay. Surprising bargains to be found there sometimes.

  • looks like i missed out on the asics exel ! now 94 quid - where 70 odd quid yesterday!! oops

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