and what are your qualifications...

Following on from the Boat Race thread, what are your educational qualifications?

I have

'O' level Maths
English Language
English Lit
A fourth I can't remember, perhaps it's Physics.

I did go  to Oxford, but just to the services on the M40.



  • I actually can't remember. I have to check my CV to remind me!

    Several GCSEs, several A-levels, two diplomas, two degrees, postgraduate certificates, ongoing PhD... And I have a badge that says I can swim 50m.

    My qualifications to post on here though are my ability to read, computer literacy and an internet connection image

  • Oh, and I've been to Oxford lots of times. I used to work at the John Radcliffe and Churchill hospitals. The public transport is terrible!

  • I would say it is none of your concern, but lets not go there.

    I have a few o levels, a cycling proficiency certificate, 25meter swimming badge

    oh and I have the coverted "Train the Trianer certificate for Manual Handling in the work place" I bet there arnt many out there who can top that image

    Never been to Oxford but have be stuck on the ring road a good many timesimage

  • Forgot to add, I have a food hygiene certificate image

  • I've been to Cambridge...for my brother in laws wedding.

    Bunch of O levels, a coupla A levels, Degree in Business and Finance...PG Dip in Computer Applications.

    I'm a qualified weight lifting instructor and I've passed my Advanced Drving test.


  • You'll need that if you want to do the Baking thing image That could sway their decision if you wave that under thier noses.

  • Good thinking! I'll not forget to mention it on the form image

  • I'm just cleverer than everyone else.

    And modester.

  • Bunch of SCE's (Standard and Higher Grade), HNC in Electronics, BSc in Physics, some Software Testing Certificates.

    I also understand the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit.

  • A first degree, a Masters and two accountancy qualifications. Plus the usual clutch of Highers and O grades.
  • 9 O grades
    2 Highers
    A Blue Peter badge 

  • I forgot the Blue Peter badge!

    What did you get yours for Nursey?

  • I have a Sea Survivial and Fire Fighting certificate image

  • I also got a 400m swimming badge when I was seven. Not sure if I could swim that far now....
  • I've got a stificate for running (didn't have to do any actual running to get it though).

  • Currently in my second year of my LLB (hons) law degree

    10 GCSEs

    Access To Higher Education Diploma

    RSA Course Text Processing Skills (Distinction)

    City & Guilds 2221

    NVQ level 2 in Performing Manufacturing Operations.

    Basic Food Hygiene Certificate

    Basic Health & Safety In The Workplace Certificate.

    Learn Direct webwise and spreadsheet certificates

    Cycling proficiency certificate

    Lexis Nexis legal database operator certificate

    Full car driving licence image

  • I have a stificut to use chemicals to kill things.

  • Because I'm Spartacus
  • I can do that without a stificate image

  • sarah the bookworm wrote (see)

    I forgot the Blue Peter badge!

    What did you get yours for Nursey?

    Liverpool (I think) Garden Festival.


  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    When I've got nothing better to do I'm gonna further my studies with an MA followed by a DPhil.  Then I can have a sign on the door reading:

    Dr Phil MA DPhil


  • T.mouse wrote (see)

    I have a stificut to use chemicals to kill things.


    Nurse Ratched wrote (see)
    sarah the bookworm wrote (see)

    I forgot the Blue Peter badge!

    What did you get yours for Nursey?

    Liverpool (I think) Garden Festival.


    I got mine for writing a poem image

    Nice one Phil image image

    I'm going to be Doc Martin one day image

  • Is anyone here going to claim to have being awarded a Jim'll Fix It badge, and if so, what did you do to get it? image

  • Diploma in Remedial Massage image

  • I've got a few 'O' levels (being that old), a car AND motorbike licence, various swimming badges and a life-saving certificate, and I've been to both Oxford and Cambridge*.

    I used to be a first-aider, but I lapsed.

    *for the day, not both on the same day.

  • Oh, and a PADI open water diver certificate.  The edit function seems to have gone tits-up.

  • I'm giong to Cambridge on Saturday. I shall be dressed as a zombie.

    I've informed RW about the edit function Wilkie - it hasn't been working all day image

  • image Interesting spelling of 'going' there. It's a shame I can't edit it!

  • I noticed that the edit function wasn't working either.

  • I think the zenith of my achievements to date is seeing LiverBird in a car park in Warrington. Surely this places me up amongst the illuminati


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