Trek Lexa SLX - any good as an entry level duathlon bike?

I'm diving in and buying my first race bike. Popped into a bike and running shop earlier and, although I bought my new trainers, I had a browse of the bikes. The salesman recommended the Trek Lexa (£700). I am completely new to all this and any ideas or recommendations would be VERY welcome. Thanks image


  • I have a Lexa SLX, I'm very happy with it, but it's the only bike I've ever had, so I've nothing to compare it to!

    Don't think that you have to have a women-specific bike, though.  A lot of women are very happy with 'men's' bikes. 

    Try a few out if you can, before making your mind up.

  • Thanks image I'm cute a petite lady, so I've always presumed I'd have to have a ladies' bike.

  • *chuckles* 'cuse modest typo ...

  • You might need it, if you are petite, but it could be worth trying others.

    The shop should make sure you get the right frame size for you, whether it's a men's or women's bike.

  • As most people on here will tell you, its important the bike fits, so as Wilkie says, try a few out and make sure they are comfortable!

    The second most important thing is the colour obviously image

    But looking at the spec, it seems good value for 700 quid!

  • When it comes to gears, I'm not used to anything with more than five. Is it the more the better, or not?

  • In most cases, yes. Unless you start getting into specialist bikes, the majority you buy will have 20 gears - 10 and the back and 2 at the front (you can get some with 3 at the front). They will work more or less the same as your current 5 (except the front ones work the other way round, but you'll get the hang of it). As you have far more choice of gears, you will be able to keep your cadence - pedalling speed - even as the road conditions change. image

  • Thanks, Rafiki - you are a fount of knowledge image

  • ....and most of it complete rubbish ..... image

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