Hip bursitis/ Stress Fracture

Hi Guys

I was just looking for a bit help regarding a recent injury. I'm pretty sure I know what I have (Either Hip Bursitis or a Stress Fracture on my hip) and I know what caused it (increasing my training too much too quickly) but I'm not sure what I should do?

Tuesday before last I was training with my club and felt a dull ache on the outside of my right hip, it went away during our hill session but got progressively worse running back to the club to the point it felt I was being stabbed with a Knife.

I rested until the Sunday of that week and within 5 minutes of the run on that day the dull ache started and then eased and came back again torwards the end of the hour run and I was quite sore and stiff walking on Monday and Tuesday...I then rested 5 days and went for a run yesterday and after 1km the pain returned so I pulled up.:


  1. Basically how can I differentiate between Bursitis or a Stress Fracture
  2. Should I be resting up fully or doing some bike/gym work
  3. If its Bursitis - how long is this likely to persist for - I know if its a fracture I'm in big trouble

imageI'm generally not injury prone and it may be a "man thing" but I have a nasty feeling I'm not going to be back training any time soon.

thanks in advance





  • hi - you should see a sports doc (or find a local GP with a special interest in sports med) if it still hurts in a week with NO running.  When i had bursitis it hurt like billy o lying on my side in bed at night, felt like i was lying on a large pebble.  Classic stress fracture pain is groin pain.  Have you had ITB problems? does it hurt to roller your ITB?

    If you really dont want to see someone, or cant, then three weeks off running completely with pain free activity to keep sane - swim or bike if you can, or the cross trainer in the gym if that doesnt hurt.  When you head out for the first run start with babysteps, warm up with walking, then jog a minute walk for 3 minutes and repeat.  If you can do that for 20 minutes without pain at all then you have permission to build it up slowly.  

  • Agree with above, see a sports doc or orthopaedist as soon as possible. I tried for almost a year to run through my groin pain and ended up having to have a titanium hip joint replacement done in June.

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