Post Marathon Injury

After dozens of shorter races and a half marathon, I completed my first full marathon yesterday!  I did the Rock'n Roll St. Louis Marathon and I am so proud of myself, but boy am I in a lot of pain today.

Of course, I expected the soreness and the blisters and my knees are sore to the touch, but I'm a little worried about my ankle.  (sidenote: I went into the race with pretty back achilles tendonitis and posterior tibialis tnedonitis, if that makes a difference with what's going on) It's not so bad when I'm just sitting down, but I'm getting pretty bad pain on the outside of my ankle when I stand or walk, and especially if I try to rotate my foot.  The best way I can describe it is that it feels like and almost crushing, pressure sensation; like the bones in my ankle are compacted.  During the race, it was my foot (on the same side that my ankle hurts) more than my ankle that bothered me: I actually thought I had broken it for a while, but pushed through anyway. 

Has anyone ever experienced this before? 


  • Hi Taya

    Well done on the Marathon but learn the lesson. To start a marathon with an injury is inviting trouble.

    I would suggest buying a good ankle support and wear it until you get home and can visit your local hospital A&E dept. If your ankle was 'broken' you would not have completed your race (though possible you may have damaged some small bones). Any swelling treat with ice for about 10 minutes (no longer you may burn your skin) say every hour or two if you can. Tylenol (paracetamol) will help the pain.

    Whatever has happened I would expect that you will need to rest for a while. While resting a physio will suggest what exercises will help your ankle recover full mobility. Also though you will not be running other general exercises for strength and flexibility can still be done so that you don't return to running feeling unfit.

    Be patient and all will get back to normal. Good luck.

  • oof.  well done on your first marathon image  but you need to recover properly now and not turn these injuries into six months off running.  I totally agree with above advice.  You need REST and next time smart training and resting and listening to niggles prior to your race!  Some ibuprofen and gentle walking at most if you can.  If it still hurts in a week see your GP.  Dont run until you can walk 100% pain and niggle free and even then start with a very light easy short jog.  

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