Tuesday 23rd October 2012


Todays lyrics:''Welcome to your life.There's no turning back.'

What: An easy run today

Why: Recovery from Fartlek.

Postie: Well done on your race at weekend

RFJ:Good training yesterday.

Still to fully catch up.

Back later.


  • Morning.

    NN- that was only my second time under 3.45 but I mostly do triathlon as I have a bad tendency to break if I run as much as I'd like to and if I try any 'quality' sessions so it's mostly Z2 miles and more Z2 miles (I train to HR) and use the turbo for interval and threshold work. Do you run with a club?

    Alehouse - are things any more comfortable? No PB for me but thank you RFJ. You are training very sensible. Enjoying the lack of travelling?

    Sunday made me realise how much I miss running races and there is a half marathon on at Shakespeare Raceway on the 17th November - not too far to drive and a social course. Not likely to be in any state to PB but it would make me run faster than on my own - lots of recovery time between now and then isn't there?

    What:           nothing
    Why:            trying to be sensible/specialist dentist
    Last hard:    realising I hadn't PBd
    Last rest:     22/10

    Lyrics - familiar.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning LMH

    Right need to get organised.

  • Ale - got MRI last year and thers a disc issue which is squeezing the nerve a tad. Dont want to go down op road. Resting now to get better. I've been to GP and an osteopath. I need to get back doing something and swimming it will be when i feel ready.

    The opinions are that the cycling may be causing my problem due to a bad position on the bike. Leaves me fairly f**ked for my Tri Plans!!!

    I do feel improvement by the day.

    I will be back!!  

  • Another bright morning hereimage

    what: probably just Badminton session this evening
    why: no half day today
    last hard: Sunday
    last rest: Friday
    Lyrics: no

    LMH - go for it!
    Paddy you will be back

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    morning all
    LmH - go for it, you would have recovered sufficiently, just dont set yourself a time...
    NN - good to see you popping in again! Keep us posted with the training though. And yes, think its AF you were recalling!
    what - club night, not sure whats on the agenda
    why - Tuesday
    lyric - possibly

  • aww Paddy, that sucks image. I wouldn't go down the op route either if there was another way. Fingers crossed you get yourself sorted.

    NN: great to see you back image

    LMH: go for it. You may surprise yourself. Lots of people PB a few weeks after having run a marathon. I think it's down to all that aerobic fitness you gain whilst marathon training and being mentally chilled because the big one is out of the way. I am planning a 10k on Sunday ...  however, weather looks dreadful so I may wimp out in the end.

    postie postie wrote (see)

    Chick I generaly peak at around 50 to 60 per week which may last for about a month but keeping that focused is quite hard.

    Bugger, postie. I had hoped you was gonna say 100 mpw ... (like that girl they interviewed on Marathon Talk last week). It would have given me an excuse coz I'd break down if I tried that image. You clearly have loads of talent.

  • Morning!

    Paddy: a couple of things...I'd see a second osteopath; when I damaged my neck without realising it when I broke my shoulder I had an injection between the vertebrae which did the trick, i.e. stopped the nerve being compressed (I think!); ...and you will be back! (Just like me!)

    Chick: sometimes we have to look beyond mileage...a postman might, for example, be doing a further x miles delivering letters, or on his feet sorting etc; as a teacher quite often I don't sit down at all for up to 8 hours, or perhaps briefly at lunch time; a builder or farm labourer may do lots of physical work (we might call it "cross training"!)...all of these examples may have a positive (or negative) effect on running.  As a student I used to work 12 hour shifts in a shoe warehouse...very physical and too tired to run most of the time: guess what, I got fitter! Running is a very complicated game, isn't it!

    Medical update: the patient is not happy today. Just been to see nurse at my docs. Upshot is that I have a bacterial skin infection and would be on antibiotics but for the fact that the pharmacy has run out of ethromycin, of all things. Am being brought some this evening. Happy days!

    Lyrics: no!

    Yesterday's were Joe Cocker's version of A Little Help from My Friends (The Beatles version seems to have one word different in the first line!)

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    Alehouse - I never knew that image 

    LMH like has been said Go for it


    What: a run don't know know how far
    Why its what i do
    Last Hard 13th Oct
    Lyrics not today

  • ale: oh man, you clearly had enough ailments! Fair point on phyical work contributing to extra mileage. As a translator I sit on my behind all day and don't get about much. My peak mileage weeks are around 70-75. Anymore and I either end up injured or ill (tried it twice image). I do like lots of miles though image 

  • can't edit that typo image

  • Chick: I seem to get ill resting on my bed!

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    afternoon all

    welcome back NN!

    Agree lmh,. go for it

    did a nice solitary run last night, easy 5 miles, music in my ears, on the roads.  Just so nice

    what: dont know

    why: had a funny head since flashing eyes last night so most sensible would be  nothing

    last hard: last night

    last easy: sunday

    have a good day all

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Sorry to hear that Alehouse.

    Wabo - hope the head is now better.

    Chickadeee - I couldn't even dream of doing the mileage that you do. Did manage a few weeks around the 45 - 50 mark this time round but it was all easy miles.

    Just in the short gap between work and dentist - joy - but have managed to get an appointment with smt for tomorrow morning which is pain I'm more wiling to tolerate!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Afternoon.

    Than ks for welcomes back

    Oh yes AF that was him I met him briefly at the Duchy 20 a few years ago he was in the top 5 or so.

    LMH  I am lucky and enjoy and can handle high mileage , the schedule I will follow peaks at 70 miles .

    I realise  for me how important a structured plan is, I havent done a marathon this year as my last experience at VLM 2011 wasnt nice !! I missed quite a bit of training in the January and threw myself back into high mileage after a chest infection ignoring warnings to reassess my target of 3.30 and completely fell apart after 15 miles and gradually saw my time slipping away..ended up just over 4 hours and hating every step of the way. I do belong to a club but find due to my shifts ( the hint is in my forum name ) hard to get there oe than a couple times a month max. I tend to do most of mu running late afternoon after sleepin off my shift and before going back for the next like today.

    As for the extra time on feet adding to mileage , its is fairly quiet on my ward so I do spend alot of time sat down over night, and although I will happily run for miles, if I go shopping and cant park right outside the shop I want to go in and have to walk I get really annoyed image.

    Not sure if the overall lack of sleep affects mu running/racing or not as it is all I have known for over 20 years image

    What : 8 miles in 72 mins

    Why :  Just ticking over really

    Last hard : Sunday 21st

    Last rest : Saturday 20th

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    Did 4.43 miles in the end

    NN 6 years for me and i find myself nodding my head at everything you say. Sometimes i find i race better when a bit tired  but this is usually 10km max probably be a different kettle of fish for longer races

    I detest shopping i just want  to get what i want and get out or at least sit down and have a bite to eat and/or a drink

    I sleep first after a shift then run tried it once and felt my legs were going to snap


  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Evening all.

    What: a lot of driving
    Why: my route to work was very busy so clocked up 120 miles round trip today!
    Last hard: my car seat!

    Hello NN image

    Go go for it LMH

    image Ale sorry to hear there are more troubles. You really deserve to get better right now!

    Have a good one all

  • Evening all, no idea with the lyrics today.

    LMH as everyone else has said, reckon you should go for it, sure you'll be fine and no doubt carrying across your marahon fitness.

    Ale, hope you're feeling better soon

    Emzap, know the feeling with the long journeys... been working locally recently, but did years of a 3 hour drive just to get to work

    Hi NN! I'm fairly new, well only just stopped lurking! image

    Today my What is gonna be mostly chilling after a hectic day at workimage will make up for my laziness tomorrow...

  • Evening

    What only work
    Why will be in recovery til after half term.
    Lyrics No

    On the work thing, I have never included it as training but Gobi always thought that I should. I remember reading on Marigolds blog that he thought that his recovery post race improved after he started working as a postman so I reckon theres something in it. These days I probably only walk about 4 to 5 miles on delivary but in the past I used to walk 7.2 miles perd ay often 6 days a week. I think my next challenge will be to sustain an even pace especially through the last 20% so I will need to do one or two more longer runs on weekdays to build up stamina. Maybe I ought to start reading up on these things, PD for the christmas stocking!

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Yes if on feet, I know when out on track for a day walking on ballast I would struggle with that session at night....

    But bizarely after a night shift if I raced, I tended to race well....

    5.25m tonight to HR so nice and easy

    Lyrics - feel I should know them..... knew the beatles version from yesterday not the J Cocker one...

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