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I've been running for 8 years now & run 20 - 35 miles a week. I've completed a half marathon in 1:45 & I've now signed up to run the Edinburgh marathon 2013. I know running a marathon is going to be very different to running a half so I'm looking for as much advice as possible. So I'm looking for a book for advice & training plans, any suggestions? Thanks


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    Pfitzinger's Advanced Marathoning is very good, explains the benefits of the different types of training runs and then gives you marathon plans based upon it.

    Various people have had good results based on these plans. I'm using the 55-mile plan for my next marathon.

  • I found Marathon by Hal Higdon useful.

  • The Competitive Runners Hand Book by Bob Glover - took me from a 3:16 runner to 2:41 - and a traning partner from 2:56 to 2:29  found it worked providing you are prepared to put tin the work.

  • the Bob Glover book is really dull and scattered with random illustrations from Coach Glover's life. The Pfitzinger and Davis book is much more concise and to the point, without all the homespun ramblings of the old coach.... just my opinion.

    I also think Jack Daniel's running theory is a good read.

  • Thanks all for taking the time to reply
  • You must have read the newer version I still have the old one from the late 80s and it is brilliant -

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