Saucony 12mm drop vs 8mm drop

After success with several models of the Saucony ProGrid Triumph I recently purchased a pair of '9's with a much heralded 8mm drop. 

However, I cannot seem to run much in them as they seem to pull my achilles and I have to revert back to my '7's to rehabilitate. 

Is it just me and my ultra tight calves/achilles or has anybody esle had this issue ?


  • Having a lower heel/toe differential means muscles & tendons have to work through a greater range of motion than befor... maybe take the shoes out for a few walks and if it feels ok try a slow 1 or 2 miler and see how it goes...


  • Thanks Roland, I'll give that a try. 

  • Maybe also do some extra stretching/foam rolling/self massage on your calves and achilles to try loosening everything off a bit. Also rolling a tennis ball under your foot cause there is often too tight as well. Also you could try walking about barefoot more at home to get your muscles and tendons adapted to going through a greater range of movement but without the harder stress of running.

  • I'm not sure walking around in them will mak much difference as, generally, we walk much different to the way we run. Go for a few short runs (a weeks or two worth) with a day recovery inbetween; if the still hurt you then bin them.

    As an aside; I found the 9's to be very, very, very slappy. I just don't think it knows what it's supposed to be. It's got the drop of a minimal shoe but with loads of cushioning so it's really hard to land your forefoot before the heel, you end up either striking with a flat sole, or revert to heel-toe. Probably he crappest shoe I've ever run in......just my opinion mind.
  • Thanks for the advice sean

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