No nonsense base training

HI all returning to the site after a long time away.

I'm due to start my 16 week Marathon training in Feb 13 for the Edinburgh Marathon. I ma a 1.25 - 1.35 half marathon runner that had a little bit to long of a break this year !

So I really need a good no nonsense base training schedule to get the miles back in the legs and lose the extra 12 pounds before i hit the Marathon training.

Theres a lot out there i know so I'm really interested in what you guys do over the winter to get that solid base for the spring events.

Love my cycling to so lots of XT going on

Thanks guys and girls look forward to your replies


  • Hi Mark, the HADD training plan thread might have some useful tips in it for you. It's currently active, just search "HADD" and find the thread updated today.

  • No secrets, just lots of running. So, run 3-4 or preferably 4-5 times a week, start increasing the length of your long runs (gradually of course) so that you're used to running at least the starting mileage for your schedule, and preferably more. Join a club (if you haven't already) and run their cross-country season races during the winter, and/or run a parkrun every Saturday morning.

    Oh, and if you're following a 16-week schedule, start it at least 18 weeks before your marathon. That way when you have a week or two off due to a cold or a niggle, you're not falling behind on training. You can always repeat a couple of the later weeks (and be better trained) if you -don't- need the time off.

    HADD training might be useful for base training.

  • maffetone 180 training, enough said. image

  • xc. Lots of muddy wet hilly miles.

  • Sound like good things to investigate, I love my off road running and try to do some at least once a week, Mud is fun.

    HADD is new i will have to reserch that, same for maffetone 180. 

    I live in the shropshire hills so i spend my time trying to find flat runs most of the time lol.

    Apprciate the advice guys, I very much a 10k - 1/2 Marathon runner coming from a track background as a youngster (I'm 41 now) so the step to Marathon is a big one and I want to do it right.

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭
  • Cheers Dan can't seem to get on to the coaching site via any of the links though, sounds an interesting concept from reading the thread


  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    Oh yeah, the link has died.

    Found another

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