Pick an event



  • It is not next year but i am doing the JCB Mud Run, it looks fantastic. it is 10th november this year.



  • I managed to get a place in the Snowdonia Marathon this year which made me happy. Wouldn't mind entering the Trans Alpine too. Training is a bugger for either event though as i live in East Anglia and there isn't a hill to be found!  

  • I'd go for the Vegan Welsh 3000's


    The Welsh 3000's is the last thing on my "to do" list. Logistically it's a bit of a pain doing it solo, so an attempt as part of an organised event is ideal.

    There is still time to enter and get in shape for this years event (June 16th.), but I'm struggling to get my head round running for 10+ hours since being totally destroyed by last years Outlaw effort. Next year I should be good to go.

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