*CRY Cardiac screening Hertfordshire*

Hi all,

On 6th November the charity CRY (http://www.c-r-y.org.uk/ecg.htm) are running a heart screening for people aged 14-35 at the University of Hertfordshire, it involves a 10 min ECG and you get same day feedback about any heart problems.  If required you will also get a echocardiogram on the day (heart ultrasound).  The cost is heavily subsidised and is £35 (normally private ECGs cost over £200).  If you want to book an appointment (ignore the student only message) go to: https://www.appointment.com/cryevents?schedule=University%20of%20Hertfordshire&date=2012-11-06

and to pay (please pay prior to screening) http://store.herts.ac.uk/browse/extra_info.asp?modid=1&prodid=405&deptid=13&compid=1&prodvarid=0&catid=82

If you know anyone who might be interested please pass this message on, thanks image


  • why only under 35.......image

  • Good idea to go along if you're in their age group. It isn't an exercise ECG though, just a rest one so won't spot issues like blocked arteries that are more likely to get us oldies image

  • After losing a fit friend to a heart condition I know how important the screenings can be! Got mine done with CRY over the summer and it's all clear thankfully image

  • REMINDER! This screening is on Tuesday... if anyone would like to book it please sign up asap as booking will close on Monday lunchtime...

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