Recovery/Protein shakes?

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Quick insight: I've been running for quite a few years and have never used supplements before as I tend to eat a healthy balanced diet of carbs, protein, veggies and fruit etc and drink lots of water.

I tend to try and eat 30 minutes after runs generally, but I've been running on the treadmill at the gym a lot more recently after work rather than outside due to poor weather etc and the problem is when I leave the gym I'm absolutely starving and have a 45 minute drive home and then have to cook dinner etc. I was wondering whether having a protein shake after running/gym for hunger/muscle recovery would make any difference or are they just a waste of money and should I munch a banana or something afterwards?

Also is the eating 30 minutes after a run generally advised?


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  • I re-read that and it didn't make much sense....... basically is it essential to refuel on the way home with a banana or shake within 30 minutes before dinner or is it okay to wait 60 minutes after exercise to just eat dinner?

  • Protein shakes aren't a waste of money per se, but they ARE unnecessary for most people. Unless you're doing bodybuilding or very heavy powerlifting with the aim of bulking up significantly, you most likely don't need protein supplements. Have a banana like you suggest. Or a pint of milk. You just need enough to keep you going till you can get home and get dinner cooked.

  • Yeah, I'm not trying to bulk up or anything so that would make sense not to need them. Thanks for the good answer image banana it is!

  • I think within 20 minutes is supposed to be the optimum time after exercise to get a hit of protein for muscle repair & speeding recovery? Yoghurt is quite good, Total Greek Yoghurt has something like 10g of protein for every 100g

  • Oh, and if you're aiming to lose a bit of weight, just drink water and wait for dinner image
  • Thanks for you responses guys image

    I'm not trying to lose weight, if anything I mostly worry that I'm not eating enough and try and maintain/increase calorie levels.

    Are either of you any good on dietry advice if I provided my weight, height, age, resting metabolic rate etc? No worries if not image

  • Look for Sarah the Bookworm - she's a professional dietician. image
  • A low fat chocolate milkshake is best imo. almost 20g of protein and enough electrolytes to replace the minerals lost in sweat. Much cheaper than protein shakes.

  • a quick stop at KFC on the way home should do the trick.

  • Chocolate milkshake.
  • Chocolate Yazoo? Sounds good to me image lol


  • Be-Your-Sound wrote (see)

    Chocolate Yazoo? Sounds good to me image lol


    Thats what I drink after every workout! Altho Friji is the most tastiestimage

  • Frijj is definitely the tastiest, but I'm guessing higher in sugar? image Their chocolate fudge brownie shake is actually amazing!

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