I'm a beginner who's been running for about 6 months and just completed my first 1/2 and I am eager to bury my head into some books whilst my legs mendimage

I want something to inspire me to run, I am interested in long distance, endurance, how the human body is bult to run, how to fine tune the body to become a running machine, mental strength etc. Born To Run is the obvious, but are there any others that you guys n gals can suggest that could also inspire/educate me?



  • hi, a book I really enjoyed and found inspirational while i've been training for a marathon is iron war by matt fitzgerald - it's based around triathlon but i think it's fascinating for anyone interested in distance sports. has some great educational bits. 

  • Feet in the Clouds: A Tale of Fell-Running and Obsession

    by richard askwith is very good

  • Julian Goater - the art of running faster. 

    Former international athlete with some thought provoking ideas challenging accepted wisdom. Not just another training book also a very good read as he gives examples of his own experiences (good and bad) in racing to make his points. Nearly all 5 star reviews on amazon.

  • Running with the Kenyans is very good.I also enjoyed Barefoot Runner by Paul Rambali, The Running Man by Gilbert Tuyanbaye and Why We Run wasnt bad either.

    Ive tried a few times but just cannot get into Feet in the Clouds at all.

    Running the Rift by Naomi Benaron is fiction but worth a read. 

  • Just found 'Can't swim, can't ride, can't run' by Andy Holgate in my local library, it's proving a great read, funny and entertaining.
  • The Ghost Runner. it's about john tarrant.

  • Some brill suggestions thanks so much guys!! I am going to make my way through the lists on Amazon and get reading image

  • From Last to First by Charlie Spedding is also an excellent read, a great insight into one of our greatest marathon runners.

  • Ghost Runner, From Last to First as already mentioned.

     Tea with Mr Newton.The biography of Arthur Newton

  • I'm currently reading Julian Goater's the art of running faster and enjoying it, I don't normally read running books but this ones good.
  • Chrissie Wellingtons book about her Triathlon success is a really good read.

  • Bionic: Agreed .

  • Almost finishing The Looniness of the Long Distance Runner. Finding it a really interesting and amusing read so far image Thanks all.

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