So I pulled on my trainers... and ran!

Hello all! I'm a self confessed fitnessphobe, and a complete newbie here. I detest gyms and have let many a membership go to waste... but something very strange happened yesterday. I'd just got back from visiting family in Scotland and felt decidedly overweight... so I got up, pulled on my trainers, and went for a run.

Now, after I pulled my wheezing carcas back into my flat and called up my friend to tell him what I'd done... he immediately thought something was wrong with me, and was very concerned for my well being.

I ran around 0.7 miles in about 8 minutes... but it felt like an eternity. After some research on here and other places I'm going to start the C25K program today (well... tonight... when it's good and dark, I am NOT okay with people seeing me run just yet!) and just wanted to introduce myself incase theres any other complete novices around here in the same boat as me, for the whole mutual support lets-not-be-stationary-creatures-forever type thing! image



  • Not a novice, but just wanted to say well done and good luck. You might be surprised how quickly you get better and faster, but the best advice is always to increase your distances and/or intensities in small increments. Take it easy, in other words. Doing too much too soon will damage your motivation and might damage your body. All the best.

  • Thank you! That's why I think the C25K program will be good for me, it looks like a nice gentle start and I can always repeat earlier weeks if my body is not enjoying the transition! image

  • Slightly different from you as I started again after a 11 year break on the 31st December 2010 and that was because the doctor had effectively poked me in the gut and said oi fatty time to lose some. but like you I ran in the dark, for me it was first thing in the morning and I wore a big baggy top so if anyone did see me they wouldn't have seen the belly and man boobs jogging about. It took about 5 months for me to be confident enough to get out there in a T Shirt and had shed about 2 stone - but let me tell you it is worth the effort - even now my wife doesn't fully understand my disappearing at 5:45 am each day - But I feel better than I have for years now So good luck don't care what others say and enjoy the feeling it gives you.

  • Welcomr to the madness Dave! image

  • Thanks Grendel3 and Max's Mum! I know that feeling about belly and man boobs! I'm running in the baggiest clothing I own, but although yesterday was tough and felt like I'd been hit by a truck... it felt good! So excited to do Week 1 Day 1 of C25K tonight!

  • Dave, i know you said you dont want to run where people can see you but its worth taking a look at parkrun, its a free, weekly timed 5k event held all over the country that sounds scary but is in fact very friendly and ideal for beginners. Our local one has people of all sizes, ages and abilities and most are happy for you to start with a walk/run program. You should be able to chat to people and recieve advice and encouragement. See if there is one near you

    if you dont feel up to it yet, keep it in mind for future reference. image

    Keep it up, you wont regret it.

    I started running about 18 months ago, and couldnt even run for 2 minutes, now I am happy to be running around 8 miles non stop and have completed the London Marathon this year. If i can run then anyone can! image


  • Thank you Max's Mum! I've found one in my area but I think I'll build my confidence a little first before I head to a Park Run - although it does look like a lot of fun!

  • I think you are right to miss the parkruns for the time being. Altrhough as a longer term goal certainly worth considering - because if it did go wrong it could knock your confidence - the C25K is a great way to start (I didn't I did something else I found on here somewhere which involved walking an running - The only benefit was my past, although I was starying again from scratch which I accepted - I did sort of have 16 years previous experience - 

    This forum is a great place to get support, advice and encouragement.

  • I would echo the parkrun thing. I can now do the 5k in under 20 minutes, but I've become great mates with a Fulham fan (I'm Chelsea) who is, shall we say, a larger person and is cock-a-hoop if he does under 35. It simply takes all sorts. I'd carry on with what you're doing for a wee while until you're confident enough, but really and truly you can run/walk any parkrun and you'll get massive support and no condescension.

  • Good luck and hope you enjoy the journey. You will know you are hooked when its lashing down with rain and you are looking forward to going out, and then you come back with a big grin on your face.

    Worryingly, I have only been running for about 2 months and I'm already at this stage.

    I echo what others have said, take it steady, don't try to run too fast and listen to your body - it's going to go through some changes and might object.

  • Good for you Dave, I could only run 1 mile when I started, I've now completed 2 hm albeit in a very slow time of 2 hrs 46 but it can be done if you stick at it!! I am definitely going to look at the park run website to help improve my time, thanks for the tip!! Xx
  • Dave, I dont think people will judge you as much as you think. I am overweight and have got stuck into the C25K program ( currently on week 3 day 2) and already feeling the benefits. I found that I get a friendly nod from other runners. Before I started to run I had imagined that all runners were super slick and could run for miles, yes they are out there BUT there are loads of us fattys putting in the miles too.

    The only barrier I have found with C25K is that your mid will say  "jog for 90 seconds, I dont think so !!" but after doing the runs, you WILL look back with pride and realise that it was never as hard as your mind thought it would be.

    Good luck
  • That's a great moto!!! Will be using that!! Xx
  • Hi Dave,

    I am on week 5 of the C25K, will be doing the 20 minute run on Friday.  We actually share quite a bit in common.

    I am overweight by about 15 Kgs (30ish Lbs ).
    I couldn't even do the the 1 minute runs without huffing and puffing.
    I run at 06:00 in the morning, it's dark and I initially ran away from the built up areas in order to avoid prying eyes, lol.

    After only 5 weeks:
    I have lost 3 Kgs ( I have changed my diet and watch my calories.
    I ran the 2 * 9 minutes this morning and could easily run more.  ( It should actually be 2 * 8 mins but I feel fine).
    I am now at a stage where even though I run pretty slow, I am running and I don't care what anyone thinks anymore.
    I feel GREAT.

    The great thing about the C25K is that you will improve quickly, just stick to the program, keep within a reasonable pace and don't skip the rest days..

    I am slowly understanding that it is possible to really enjoy this running thing.  I always thought that it was just for the fitness freaks. I couldn't have been more wrong.




  • Hi Dave

    Just wanted to offer you encouragement and support in doing the C25K. I started it in May 2011 - 4.5 stone overweight, fed up, unfit and unhappy. It has been absolutely the BEST thing I've ever done. I couldn't believe that someone like me (fat and unfit) could actually do this programme - but I did do it, and the sense of achievement was incredible - I think I cried at the end of every run after week 5 - just because I was so pleased with my achievement! I reached my target weight of 10 stone in May this year, and I now run 3-4 times per week, and have just put my name down for my first half marathon. Now, I'm not fast, and I never will be, and I'm sure I looked quite a sight in those early days, with bits wobbling all over the place - if I did get any negative comments, I never heard them, as my headphones were turned up too loud! Ignorance is bliss. I feel fitter, healthier and more energetic than I have done in years (well, most of the time, anyway!) So, keep going with the programme - let us know how you're doing!
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