Groin pain with a marathon coming up


I'm running my second marathon this coming weekend and I thought things were going well. I did my longest training run of 23m relatively comfortably, 3 weeks ago - I did have a little bit of pain around my right iliac crest/greater trochanter afterwards, but it resolved quickly. I thought it could have been some inflammation around the bursa and it responded well to icing, anti-inflammatories and stretching. After 3 days rest, I went back to training without any problems. Until today.

I've just been for a really easy run - a very slow paced 30 mins, with a little uphill. The run felt good but when I was walking home, up a steep path, I got quite a severe catching pain in my right hip - in the groin rather than on the outside of the hip where I had felt it before. I walked around a little bit more and tried to stretch it out, and it did subside but I've been left with a low-level nagging pain in my right groin and into my thigh. I can't really palpate a tender point, there is some general tenderness in the muscles around the area but the pain feels deeper. Could it be catching of the joint capsule? Has anyone else experienced something similar, and what did you do to treat it? I'm a bit anxious about it with the run on Sunday so any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks

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