Have a very bad case of Plantar at moment,seems to only be heel bone area,physio says not moved along my foot yet but bad enough to stop me mid 10m race with pain on Sun and can barely walk since.. Have just got a VLM place and need to let charity know by Fri.. Am I mad accepting ?? Physio says no running till end nov,I was prob doing 30/35 miles per week.. Any similar problems  image


  • Had the same thing happened to me two and a half weeks ago whilst training for a 30k, not happy at all, have stopped running for the moment and found a tennis ball pressed down rolling around hard as you can bear is very good. Then cold water in a bowl with ice bottles,packs,cubes and get your foot in there! It's working for me slowly and hopefully will be running  soon






















  • I had Plantar fasciitis for nearly two years. First in my right foot, then my left, then both together. It was a nightmare. After several cortisol injections, The first working for about four months, then the others doing nothing.

     I eventually saw a speciallist and he gave me some inserts for my shoes. I also bought loads of zinc oxide tape to tape up my feet as shown in the you tube videos.

    I eventually recovered and ran trouble free for over a year.

    Unfortunately, I now have posterior tybiall tendon dysfunction, which is also very painful. I think my arches are just knackered. I've tried resting for six months and am now trying taping again. It doesn't look good.

    Different people have different levels of PF. Hopefully you'll recover quickly.

    Good luck.

  • Hi, when I joined this forum,I stupidly posted twice so two threads running on this,please have a look at the other one,esp for you Paul,loads of good advice on there,dont underestimate PF,I really hope its a mild case for you,I had the signs from Summer but it got really bad in Oct and I kept thinking it had gone and would take a few weeks off then run again and it was as bad as ever.I had to defer my marathon place and to be honest I wonder if ill even be ready for next years one! I ice every day,well hot and cold,ice then hotwater bottle,this has really helped and its a lot better.I can run now but its very slow and if I up my speed the next day I really can hardly walk..The tennis ball/golf ball has also been good,my podiastrist said I must roll on the pain to break up the bad tissue few times a day. I also calf stretch and still wear the Strassburg sock,that really helped at the begginning but not sure if Ive become used to it now! Dleafy your post is interesting as I had Tibail whatever last year in the other foot(which I can now feel mild pf on!) It never stopped me running but if I upped my mileage for anything it did get sore.. Well this week I had a full check up with top( alleged )podiastrist and he said that the reason I keep having trouble with my feet is because my arches have dropped. The answer he tells me are orthotics,we are talking 300 plus here and I will only need them when I run! At least I feel I know whats behind my recent foot trouble now,rather than thinking it was a calf issue but I really cannot spend that much on orthotics,it seems mad..Im hoping there is another way so am looking into barefoot running at present,dont give up,just research it all and see if you can sort it,I dont like that you are taping,surely you should be strenthening the area not holding it in place.. Google it and barefoot running and see what it says,I have a friend not young,male who has loads of problems in this area,its taken him a year to switch to minimalist shoes but he has never felt better! We have nothing to lose at this stage.. Goodluck

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