beginners guide to fell running..? help..?

I need to get better at running on hills over this coming autumn and winter and would like to have a go at fell running purely as a training tool..   can someone recommend an 'easy' or at least 'less challeging' entry level fell running race or route..?  I suppose it doesn't to be an actual race, but a route that I could do on my own would be ok too.

I don't want something that will kill me...    but a decent kicking will be ok..  image



  • Vader where you biased roughly there are 100's out there but they tend to operate by word of mouth for a few of them oh and whats your definition of a decent kicking? image

  • This is a good link for races mate.


  • Oh and if you want a good half with hills for training purposes this is brutal  image

  • ah-ha..  thanks for the web link...  well.. I'm based in the south, so would obviously need to travel up...    will have a look over the web site and see what's on offer...   thanks


  • Brutal..?  Sounds perfect...  I'll take a look... image


  • Excellent info..  thanks for that.


  • Probably a stupid question but what's the difference between a fell race and a cross-country race? 

    Is it it just the amount of climbing? and so does the Bath Hilly Half  count as a fell race? or is a bit easy compared to the more manly events in the Lake District?

  • Colin,

    XC is usually over a grassy (muddy) field... fell races are over rougher terrain and are up and down hills and sometimes with navigation (a common route is up and down a peak) They arent marked particularly although they are marshalled for safety obviously. XC is a big event where club members often get free entry and many events are team/relay races. Fell races are individual although there are some relays. Fell races are much tougher (although XC is bloody hard!!) and usually longer and require mountain rescue presence in many cases, whereas XC would not.

  • XC is across, fell is up then back down. No?

  • As above but sometimes the difference is blured slightly I've done xc races in the past that should have been fell races and the other way around.

  • I've been following some of the Sky Races this summer...  those are often literally a 1km or climb straight up a steep trail..   steep being maybe 40%+ incline...  very exciting to see and amazing at how these people are able to get traction to move forward at speed...


  • If you ever find your way North and are anywehre near the Peak District give me a shout, I am no expert but know a couple of routes that tick the 'fell run' experience without the need for lung and leg transplants at the end (well certainly at the pace I attempt them anyway).

  • I am doing the JCB mud run, it looks fantastic.

  • It doesn't.

  • Fifty quid? That's a bit steep!
  • I lot of fell races are a cheap entry and nothing much at the end other than a nice cup of tea and shareing stories in a pub with some real ale types all wearing beard's. The bearded blokes normally are faster than you as well. It's a strange invertion.

  • Alex Wood 13 wrote (see)

    I am doing the JCB mud run, it looks fantastic.

    Reminds me of my time as a Army Physical Training Instructor,[no thanks]

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