What age can I start my kids running?

I was wondering what age I can get my kids in to running. Any advice appreciated.


  • Dont all kids run?    Does it need to be scientific ?

  • Didn't think I would have to explain this but.. 

    I am talking about them running specifically to get better at running. Not just to transport themselves from a to b. 

  • I knew what you were asking and my response is still the same really ....Joining a club would be first port of call I suspect and ages may be determined there

  • Good point re the club. I will ask around locally. Thanks.

  • I would say, only when and if they ask to. Then look at clubs/school clubs etc. If they don't want to, don't try to get them to just because you do it.

  • Have a look at kidsrunfree.co.UK
  • For smaller kids, I would do it through games not through specific running - bull dog, "it", stuck in the mud, rounders etc... Is more important that are fit and healthy and getting outside than enjoy any one sport or activity at the moment.

    My junior club started at 8, but the parents had to stay and it was a mix of all athletics events. They couldn't join the endurance group until their 11th birthday, and would be eased in very gently.

  • our local parkrun has kids there as young as 5

  • Err, I take my 5 year old to the shops and back (2/3 of a mile). It leaves him a bit puffed out, but less hyper for the evening!!

  • I would definitely agree with mathschick.   Wait until they ask, otherwise you risk putting them off.

    I hated running when I was a kid.

  • Umm... having 2 youngsters who love to run and am a club runner myself I think I may be in a position to answer this.

    My daughter is 8, going on 9 and in year 4.  She's built like an athelete and comes along to my club training sessions each week whenever they're appropriate ( light evenings, she's in my sight, off the main road,  etc.).  She has recently twice been to Sunday morning sessions run by Reading Junior A/C in prep for March when the A/C starts again.  She will then go every other week throughout the season (Mar-Sept) for fun and have a break during the winter months until she's in year 5 again during Mar - Sept.

    Last night my 6 year old son came to training as the session was appropriate (flat ground, in my sight, lights etc.).  I told him to run on the grass when possible, instructed him to relax, stop clenching fists, lower shoulders, stop looking around him, when to stand with the coach, etc.  It was his first session and he LOVED it!!!!

    My two children are both very energetic and to them it's natural that mum loves running and goes out frequently.  For my children I have never connected running with staying slim but with being fit and healthy.  It's something you can easily nurture within children whether it be taking them to a training session with you or just a quick run around the block when you come back from running.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Just wondering but why did you hate running as a kid Wilkie?


  • I'm only 15 now, but I started running when I was about 10 in my school athletic club, I loved it and went every week until I left primary school. I think someone as young as 8 might prefer athletics instead of very long runs since it's not as hard on them and they might like joining in on random events like long jump etc..
  • during the olympics my 6 year old asked about doing it but the local club do not take them until they are 8.

    I have gotten into the routine of when I get back home after a long weekend run I pick him up and go for an extra trot round the block he likes it. I always find the looks people give funny when I am there drenched in sweat and knackered and he is next to me fresh legged and talking away. It is a good cool down for me though.

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