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Hi has anybody been part of a running club?  Is n't a running club suppose to be catered to all types of abilities, I have stated I am reallly interested in cross country running....and there have been events and i was told i was going to be emailed about the events, but do you think it is unfair if they do not email you because they do not think you are that good.....Whereas in the website it says anybody could participate, would you really be offended if was just based on your abilities



  • Probably just an oversight. Most xc events need club members showing up to get points.

    What xc league are you hoping to enter?

  • It was a metre league....but they were going to enter me....but they did not email me at alll about it...and everybody in my group was getting an email...and im sure it is because they think i am crap.....or not that unfair...should i say something

  • Where abouts are you ?
  • well i think most likely u need to be a certain level

  • Not very helpful td43 !

    Whereabouts in the UK are you ? Then we can suggest other clubs etc
  • td43 wrote (see)

    well i think most likely u need to be a certain level

    Do they actually have your email address? I'd be more inclined to think administrative error rather a conspiracy of fitness.

  • Another unfortunate possibility is that there might just be something about the way you act that they are just not comfortable with. Looking at your posting history I have wondered whether you maybe have aspergers or something else which causes social interaction problems. If this is the case then you probably need to talk to a specialist on the subject as to how best to cope with situations such as this.

  • Ian !!! That it is so harsh!! Bang on the money though.
  • Yeah, It wasn't intended to be harsh, but it just seemed a bit pointless skirting round the possibility. I guess I could have tried for more subtlety, but was slightly concerned it might be the equivelent of whispering about the possibity of having a hearing impairment to a deaf person. 

  • I have Aspergers but my club still emails me invites to XC and track meets. I'm also a pretty slow runner too. Like T.mouse says, they're usually looking for anyone they can get!

    Maybe it's really because s/he has smelly feet? image Whoops! I mean... umm... Yes, I agree it's more likely to be a simple administrative error rather than deliberate exclusion due to crapness.

  • You are so right
  • It could be a simple communication error. I'm XC captain at our club and had to resort to actually speaking to a member last week (horror) as he hadn't received my emails. Turns out there was a letter missing in the email address I was given. Simples! No one ever gets turned away form XC - we need the numbers!

  • Agree with Johnny. We roped in a mother (who'd just come to watch) for our last (first of the season) xc event as we didn't have enough women. They didn't finish anywhere near last. One club had a lady that took about 40 mins to run the 5k, that's how desparate we are for ladies to run xc around here.

  • Its almost certainly gonna be an oversight/comms problem, it  happened to me when I first joined a club.

    Clubs need members of all abilities

  • Okay, who else looked through the OP's posting history?

  • Definitely a conspiracy
  • It may also just be as simple as the email was actually sent but your spam filter intercepted it !

  • Nykie - I don't need to look. There has been a constant stream of these posts. Not sure if she's three sheets to the wind or just a wind up merchant.
  • I dont think so....i think its all got to ability...well im going to try to find out wat happens, but i think im going to join somewhere else and be more direct about my abilities and what im itnerested in

  • But you haven't said where you are, So we are unable to point you to a club one of us knows ???

    If this is your attitude, It's no wonder no one gets back to you !

  • north west london, i am now thinking of joining ealing eagles club, but im trying to find more information about the club before committing.....

    I just wanted the advice if they selected people according to abilities, so that maximum points can be achieved.....

    Like I said, it was nothing to do with communication, or emails communication or other contact details.....someone intervened mentioning my abilities

  • Why not have a chat with your current club and ask outright.

    Most clubs are run by volunteers and very few would want to deliberately discriminate based on ability or lack thereof.

    Let them know how you feel. Also as has been mentioned, if there is anything else in your makeup that the club should be aware of. It sounds like you lack confidence.


  • Thanks , my brother is part of the club i think i might get him to ask what has happened.....because obviously i dont want to do the high competing events, but i still think there should be some i should be able to do

  • So you asked a bunch of complete strangers on the web, rather than asking your brother ?



  • well not sure whether to get him involved yet....adn not sure whether to put with a confrontation yet....and he is usually away from the club during university time.

  • What confrontation ? Think you are reading a lot into what is most likely a missing email !
  • Well they have definately got my contact details......i gave it to them about 3 times....and the organiser of the events has told me she was going to send me information on the events a few weeks before the events and i got no information, and im sure someone must have intervened, if there was a mistake then during the week they should have said you should try it out....but iT IS NOT A MISSING EMAIL

  • Have you seen the " mental illness & running" thread over on Health & Injury ?

    Sure you would feel right at home !
  • can u just go away, i think u just like to bully people over the internet....iwhen i have made it clear that they have got my email details, when i have been getting other information from them, unless u think your god and u think you know more....and u should not be discriminating against people who have mental illness

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