Stomach upset after half marathon

Need some advice!!! After completing my last half marathon I felt very sick afterwards & my stomach has not been right for days!! The symptoms were not as bad at my previous half lasting only into the evening. The only thing I did differently was take a few sips of the poweraid at the two stations to provide me with a bit of a boost, can this have caused the funny tummy?! I'm a very slow runner, run with a bottle of water at all times & didn't push my body too hard, maybe I just need to work on my fitness?! Anybody else suffer as I do?! Xx


  • Unless you were not up to the distance and badly stressed I would say it was just bad luck. However if you are running with food in your stomach, 13 miles of sloshing about inside you might understandably make you feel unwell and upset your system.

    Possibly if the Powerade bottles were opened with dirty hands, before the arrival of the runners', you might have picked up a nasty germ.

  • I am a very slow runner and completed in an abismal time of 2:46!! I didn't feel the need to stop running at any point though so can't see I've pushed too hard, maybe it is just a bit of a bug, didn't think of that!! Some of those handing out bottles were kids :0/ I'm really hoping to improve my time for next year but not entirely sure how, I'm only 5ft tall & end up running twice per week if I'm lucky as I have an 18 month old!! I suppose the longer I keep up the big distances the speed will follow!! Thanks for the suggestion!! Xx
  • Helen

    You did a great job finishing, don't get down about your time which is a good time.

    I had similar issues when I did a half and also in training over 9 miles. I found it was due to sweating lots and losing all the electrolytes, this caused major abdominal cramps and a few other side effects.... I took better care of hydration and recovery and no more problems.

    A half will take it out of you but I'm sure it's just a one off with the stomach pains.
  • Will make sure I'm well hydrated next time & maybe try the poweraid at the end too!! Bit of a novice & only been running for 6 months but completely bitten by the bug. Looking for another run to enter soon & signed up for the GNR reminder service again for next year-they have the best crowds!!! Thanks again for the advice, didn't realise how much a community spirit runners had!! Xx
  • Hi, I once ran a 20 mile race fairly hard but enjoyed every minute of it and thought I'd rehydrated well throughout the race.  Shortly after finishing I ate a huge roast dinner with plenty of vino, but this is nothing new for me after a race.  However, the following 3 days were a nightmare with stomach cramps and chronic diarreah (sp).  Everything I ingested came out the other end immediately, although I felt perfectly well in myself.

    I put it down to my body being over-exerted (not a bad thing) and completely thrown out of synch.  AFter 3-4 days I'd had enough and took some Immodium which sorted the problem immediately.  I have since run other races and not suffered the same problem but I am aware it may happen again.

    Put it down to experience and be ready with the Immodium next time. image

  • 13 miles run is 13 miles no matter the time taken so do not knock yourself.

    However having only been running for six months and to be on your feet running a race for 2 hours 46 mins would be a massive jolt to your system. You must have good endurance. I am sure you would never have walked continuously, never mind run, for that length of time before!

    Very well done.

  • Thank you!! When put like that I don't feel too bad lol!! However, I'm very envious of all you 2 hour & sub 2 hour runners, maybe I'll get there one day ;0) xx
  • Helen - well done on the half you did good - it's not about speed for me either. Long distance is long distance and you did it. Not many people do image

    I get dodgy tummy after long distances and recently even 5-6 miles are causing my tummy to complain. I can't put my finger on exactly why yet but I am sure in time a process of elimination (scuse the pun) will help me discover what works for me hopefully the same will happen for you.

    I think the immodium instants in our pockets wont do us any harm though just in caseimage


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