Loch Ness Marathon 2013

Well as the title says, I have signed up for the LNM 2013, havn't ran for a while and the longest I have done is 3 miles Race for Life.  I have roughly a year to train. I stopped smoking at the start of this year and have gained 2 stone, so time to shed the pounds and get fit. I have my first Kettlercise tonight followed by a new craze of Metafit.  Will post tomorrow to complain how sore I am.

No running at all as I need to invest in new trainers, the ones I have are really hurting my feet.

Anyone fancy joining me on the crazy ride ?!



  • We're in image

  • Yeh was inspired reading the 2012 post so signed up this morning. Have you ran a marathon before?
  • A couple ;0). We did Loch Ness in 2007, it's a fab marathon, well organised and very beautiful. A great first one.
  • I'll almost certainly do this again, too- will be my 5th go at it. Well worth it.

    Are entries open?

  • Yes, I paid mine on Tuesday, think I was a bit too keen!
  • Been researching new trainers and my brain is pickled, so much choice, so technical too.  I think Im going to go to a shop and see what they recommend and hope I dont get fleased!

  • 10 mile cycle today and boy my legs are tired, new trainers come next week so time to pound the pavements?
  • Well Ive seen Nessie so Im hoping she will make another appearance image

  • Right..back into training today after my last race, which was a 50k ultra- legs still abit tired after 2 weeks, but need to get going again! At least the rain has stopped in Glasgow.

  • Have booked accomadation entry next weekend

  • I entered as soon as entries opened. This will be my 5th time. I suffered badly last year and then became ill. I thought it was a virus but it turned out I had cancer. Now that's why I found it so hard eh? I had surgery in January followed by radiotherapy and am now running again although I have piled on a couple of stone which don't seem to want to shift lol!

    So I am going back next year to settle the score!

  • Roobarb!! that's the best excuse I've ever heard for a bad run! Hope next year is a happier one- good luck with your recovery.

  • tricialitt glad you're recovering from your ultra. I did a HM 4 weeks after Loch Ness and have suffereded for it!! Back in training from yesterday as I have felt so tired. Nothing arranged for next race yet although it will only be HM's for a while. Looking at Inskip (Preston) HM in Jan. See how training goes between now and the end of the year.

  • I did a 10k today - the first race in my comeback image It was a pw but I really don't care image Next one is Brighton Half in February image

  • Hi everyone

    Ive entered the 5k Santa Dash on 8th Dec, this will be my first run. At the moment Im only running 1.5 miles before walking for a few minutes but youve got to start somewhere .... right?

    Good lord Roobarb, hope your keeping better now, can I ask what pw is? Im new!

  • Big Mama- you are quite right- running 1.5 miles, then walking a spell is a VERY good way to train, and even to race, if you are going to find that getting round is your main goal- I did it for my first, and was surprised to see how good a time you can get that way. Don't knock it, run/walk is a very sensible idea- stick to it for the long runs, at least until you are comfortably managing about 15 miles, and just do the shorter, faster ones as continuous running when you can.

    pw is personal worse- kinda opposite to personal best,

  • I am run/walking at the moment with all my runs as I get my stamina back. Its getting better though image

    I am fine now Big mama - everything has been dealt with and I can get on with my life. Except that this new phase of my life is going to be the best! image

  • Thanks for the support, it's quiet daunting coming on here as a newbie with all the great runners but I really want to do this and get fit so fingers crossed.

    Don't feel so bad Robarb that I'm putting in some sneeky walks!
  • As I love visiting Scotland, this marathon really appeals to me. My only concern (other than the 26.2 miles) is that it is just 3 weeks before the BUPA Great Birmingham Run which I've already entered.

    Is three weeks enough time for a novice runner to recover?
  • Hi MR2

    I'm planning on the Glasgow half the beginning of September as part of my training, I'm sure 2 weeks before the race you do long run, 20 miles or so. Hopefully someone with more experience will keep us on track!
  • Thanks for the reply Big Mama, I can understand that you can use a half marathon as a training run for a full marathon, but running the full marathon prior to a half marathon does concern me.
  • MR2, I did Brighton marathon last year followed by London the week after and did the 2nd one 6 mins faster. I don't run that fast but I reckon if you are doing lots of long runs in the run up to Loch Ness, you will be recovering quicker. That's my theory anyway lol! I find that I recover quicker after long runs once I start doing more. But doing a half a few weeks after a full marathon is something I would probably doimage

    Next year I am doing one on Good Friday (29th March) and then Brighton and London again so that'll be 3 in just over 4 weeks.

  • I've been really wanting to do this as my first marathon for a while now but I'm not 100% sure I'm going to make it up there in September. I live in Gloucestershire, so it's a long way. We try to get up to Scotland every year and were planning a family holiday in the area but that may not happen now so, can anyone tell me how quickly this race fills up? I will probably make the effort to get up there and do it - even if I have to go on my own, but would like to leave entering until I definitely know I can make it.


  • I have signed up for Loch Ness, not been running since Feb this year because of a torn cartilage , thinking I will run or hobble this race bad knee or not image

  • Join the 'getting back to it' club russell image

    MattDA - not sure how quickly it fills up but its becoming more and popular as years go by. I'll be travelling up from London image Its well worth the journey though image

  • Hi MattDA

    I kept my eye on it this year and you could still register up to the closing date.

  • Went out this morning and was terrible, kept stopping, getting really annoyed with myself.  Thinking of taking the ipod tomorrow instead of looking at a stop watch to see how long Ive run and just go with the flow.

  • How did it go Big Mama?

    I am up to 4m without walking now image My running has started to come together at last although its still slow. Plenty of time to worry about speed although my next marathon is on 29th March lol! Had a follow up appointment at the hospital this afternoon and everything is looking good image

  • Glad to hear all is well with you image I ran 2 miles without stopping which seems huge to me just now, I have the Santa Dash next Sunday so that should be fun. Yikes your marathon will be here before you know it.  I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew but time will tell.  Going out with my ipod seems to do the trick, Im not timing myself at all, just tuning into the music.


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