Loch Ness Marathon 2013



  • Brilliant race a little disappointed I missed out on a sub 4 time but came in at 4:02:13 a 26 minute PB, will do it all again next year race report here if you're interested

    TrinaB, well done getting over the line, it was a tough course

    FRF, well done a cracking time

    I tri brilliant time well done, the physio I had said my pelvis was misalined

    Nothe, great run it was really warm especially around Dores

    NR, make sure you train with hills in mind especially down hill there are some steep descents that could wreck the legs before you get to 10 miles, on your long runs look to finish going up a long steady hill this will build the confidence 

  • Dd any of you do the pasta party the day before and was it fun if you did?

  • Managed to scrape in just under 4 hours at 3:59:46 which I'm rather chuffed with. Beat my pb from earlier in the year at Milton Keynes by 37 mins o/

    The pasta party was pretty good fun the day before, shame it didn't go on a little longer and the queues seemed to get pretty big near the end. Fun atmosphere, lots of giveaways and some decent tips on how to tackle the course. 

  • OK, so if it's not the same weekend as LadyBower I might see you all at the start, then again if you are all waiting for the slowcoaches at the end image


  • Well just got home.  Great to hear everyone managed to finish image

    It ended up being a really good run for me even with a cold.  Managed to beat my PB and get under 3:30.  Finished 3:24:50.

    Now to plan next years.  Got rejected for London so thinking Berlin.  What about everyone else?

  • booktrunk wrote (see)
    Andi 4:55:02 BRILLIANT!!! 

    Damn beat my pb by 1:11 image sore foot/ankle that is my target for Leics in 2 weeksimage 
    Over the moon that you got your sub 5h target.


    Hehe, well spotted Steph! Schoolboy error here and jogged off too quickly, 'loved' the hill at 5 miles and must have overtaken at least 50 people, toilet break at the top and still ahead of most people I'd overtaken. Around 7 miles both of my knees gave in and I must have altered my gait as then my lower shins/ankles started aching and from halfway adopted a run walk plan (like many of the people around me). 

    I was in a lot of pain but not as much as some I saw - a great memory and yup, plan on doing it next Year but after more downhill training.

  • Downhills are worse than up hills in my first I could barely hobble down the barest slope now nearly a year later am living downhill sectionsimage
  • Well done Andi, a great run how are the legs today mine are a little delicate 

  • Am not surprised Stewart! read your report - very good though shame about missing the goal time but, a whopping PB! I may do Lochaber in the Spring.

    As for my legs, am walking like an old man and going down steps is the worst right now (even backwards). 

  • Great w/e everyone, fantastic results, AAAGH against all possible odds I am down as a DNF.

    I ran it in 3.33.23 secs on their timings, a PB of 32 mins so this has to be chased up and sorted out. 






  • it does get better Andi, 

    Roy, a brilliant PB hope the get the official result sorted

  • Stewart,

     Cant believe it !!

  • Roy, sounds like the chip didn't register so you will have a start time and 'official' photographic evidence of crossing the finish (hopefully) with the time in the image so they should sort it easily image 

  • Andi,                                                                                                                                     have checked the photos under the official LN site and it shows me at the finish line just in front of 2277 but my number is hidden ( 460 ) why the chip did not register can only be down to a fault with it.

    Funny thing is I had a problem with my chip at Snowdon last year, wonder if its anything to do with my HRM !!!

  • Wow great work everyone. Well done Andi for breaking 5 hours. The start area was great. Totally different to anything I've done before. My thighs are certainly suffering from all that downhill in the first half. The hill at Dores was never ending but I loved the signs by the side of the road.

    I did 3:51:10. My third fastest. Nicely saticfied with that. 

    FRF: I did windermere earilier year and it's similar to Loch Ness. Two big hills and lots of undulations. If you liked Loch Ness you'll like Windermere

    Next up Milton Keynes. 

  • thanks Alastair - we must have been running near eachother!  I was the one with the "Make a Wish" vest on.

    You have convinced me on windermere - will be entering it thanks!

  • Al: see you at MKimage
  • Next for me is the Disney Marathon in Florida. Can't wait image

  • ooh, already open for 2014 Entrants! 

  • Andi...I've signed up image better get training soon image
  • hehe Booktrunk, top of my list when I get some penniesimage

    I wonder if 1 year is long enough to train in the Bikilas?

  • I've run MK and Disney and probably the only thing in common was that the weather was awful at both.

  • Just a quick note to say that Loch Ness Marathon 2013 was my first ever marathon and I loved every minute of the whole experience. I cannot believe that at 35 years old and having always been into sport and running in general I haven't ran a marathon before. I cannot wait to run another. Everything about it was amazing. I am a little pesimistic so was concerned before the race that I hadn't trained hard enough and hadn't lost the little bit of weight that I thought would make me run better etc. I finished in 3hrs 49 mins. I think I could get closer to 3.5hrs for my next marathon. Yes, this course is hilly but in a strange sort of way I often found myself not realising that I was running up hills. The whole course is up and down and I jsut forgot about it. Big hill around mile 18 but what a feeling when I got over that and kept going to mile twenty. That is when I realised that I could do it. The person next to me at mile 21 must have thought I was crazy because I burst out laughing as I passed the mile marker because I have never ran that far before the whole thing just seemed sureal.

    I went with my wife and young kids and we stayed out of Inverness in Nairn. This was because I left the hotel booking until too late but it was a blessing in disguise. Nairn is 13 miles away but is a lovely little town right on the sea with a great big beach. The kids loved it and there is a big playpark which we went to every day. Also, we stayed right next to the bus station, which is only a short walk from the train station - I drove early in the morning to the bus pick-up and the wife and kids got the train into Inverness centre around lunch-time. I arrived on Saturday lunch-time and left again on Monday. We drove home via Fort Willaim and the scenery is out of this world.

    So far nothing but praise for the whole event and a fabulous weekend that I will cherish forever. However, my only criticism has to be of the Pasta Party. I was really disapointed with this. Maybe I am just greedy but I thought the portion sizes were really, really small and not worth the ticket price and certainly not what I would call carbo loading. So much so that after leaving the pasta party we went straight out for something to eat. My wife had entered the marathon as well but sadly couldn't do it because of injury so she also had a ticket for the meal and simply didn't like the food. I feel harsh typing this because the whole event is absolutely first class but when I do it again in future I will defo give the pasta party a miss and just go out to a nice Italian restauraunt somewhere in town.

    Last of all, if you are like me and have always wanted to do a marathon but make excuse after excuse thinking that you haven't trained hard enough or done enough long running or get upset because you miss two weeks of a schedule through injury simply do not worry about this and just turn up and do your best. You will surprise yourself. I have been fit and into fitness all of my life and cannot believe this was my first one after paying for two previously but not doing them for above mentioned reasons/excuses. I want to do three more next year. I am so excited just to think about it.



  • Hi Torf,

    Well done for running your first marathon, sounds like you have the bug now like a lot of us image

    Must agree with you about the pasta party as someone else was asking about it and I forgot to comment but you've pretty much summed it up for me. 

    Very small portion sizes, very little choice and quality was not very good.  My wife didn't like the food either.  I would not do it again and wouldn't recommend it.  Very disappointed as I expected much more from Baxters.  The pasta I had that evening at the Premier Inn was much better.



  • Andi,

    have phoned a few times but keep getting a recorded message. Cant see what they can do really with no electric record of me running just a few photos of me in the finishing straight with no clock visible, never mind.

    Training for about 6 years The first 3 of them mostly fell running.

    LN was my 3 rd marathon Have already booked accommodation and ferry for my next one in April just south east of Le Mans, running around the grounds of a Chateau with live music and wine at every water station, cant wait.


    not long now, feeling confident ? with all that millage I would be.


    welcome and great time for your first marathon




  • I enjoyed the event and actually thought the pasta was adequate. My only gripe that one of the food stations had run out of gels / shot bloks by the time I arrived at it. I finished with around 1000 people behind me so it clearly never had enough . That was the only bit of poor planning for me.

  • Could be worse Loftus... As I ran past one station, I went to get a bottle of water and the guy right in front of me not only took his own bottle but also took the bottle I was going for too. Both the empty handed volunteer and I just looked at each other in suprise. 

  • As others said, I thought the pasta party looked a bit light on carbs but was pleasantly surprised (although spag bol is made with spaghetti). And I also went through the early 'food' station that was foodless but glad stations further along were better stocked.

    Am already booked for next year image

  • Where is the Loch Ness 2014 thread image

  • I'm toying with the idea still. The LNM is great and I'd love to do it again, but I'm already committed to the Yorkshire marathon next year which is 2 weeks after it. I've no idea if I'm capable of 2 marathons so close together!

    I guess I need to do a long run a week on Sunday and see how it feels, then do lots of extra training and decide!

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