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Hello I have jsut purchased the garmin 910XT can anyone tell me if you can upload via your pc different interval times to do for example 4 x3min efforts, with 1min 30secs recovery, 4x2min efforts 1min recovety and so forth....

On the go i don't think it is possible to set a mixture of interval and recovery so curious as to whether this is possible on your pc?

Will look into this myself when i get the chance but throught I would see if anyone knew first hand?

Many thanks and keep on running!


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Garmin Training Centre can be installed onto your PC.  It has a workouts section that can be uploaded to your Garmin device (via the ANT+ stick).  You can create your own workouts, with different sections so that you can create interval sessions and tempo sessions with warm up/cool down periods.  You can also download a ready-made schedule from the training section of this web site.

    I've just tried using the Garmin Connect web site to create workouts and upload to my 405CX - unfortunately it only seems to be able to copy one workout at a time to my watch, and this over-writes the previous one.  So Training Centre is much better as it can upload a whole schedule (i.e do this workout on this date) to your device. 

  • thank you for this- based on your findings ill install the training centre and upload a series of workouts on there.

  • Garmin Training Center covers the basic options. For PC users, the Sport Tracks program allows for much more detailed analysis of running data. There is a free plug-in piece of software that allows you to create all your own custom workouts which can then be uploaded back up into your Garmin device. I think this is an easier bit of software to use than GTC but it may incur a small fee to use the fully featured sport tracks.

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