first 10k

Hi to all i just like to know if 1 hour 9 mins is a good time for first time 10k run i only been running out on the road for 4 weeks but did run on treadmill for 5 weeks before was only doing 2m run on treadmill. i'm 41 years old and 5.7ft M and at 12.8 stone.

any info well be good thanks image



  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    thats a good start.  if you compare it to any 10k race results, you could probably knock at least five mins off as you were running alone.

    Your time should improve significantly in the first few months.  One thing to be aware of (which is a common mistake) is that if you try to run all your runs as fast as you can, you will end up running more slowly than a slower, more measured approach with an occassional hard paced effort.   

  • Thanks stutyr for the info going to train for next years 5k muddy run in norwich i here its a hard run with 30 jumps.   

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