Dartmoor Vale marathon

Hi all, I ran this as my first marathon on Sunday. I thought it was hilly, undulating and a tough day at the office as I expected it to be. I wondered if anyone else on here has run it with multiple experience of other courses and what the likely time difference would equate to on a less challenging course. Regardless of the difficulty I really enjoyed it and commend the organisers on a really well organised friendly event. Hats off to the Dartmoor Vale rotary club marshals who were fantastic.


  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭

    Was well organised but I didn't really enjoy the 2 lap format - I'm much better not knowing what is ahead!! Most other marathons I have done have been pretty flat - I don't think time wise the DV is too much different. One pretty big hill but which is quite short going up but then a long gradual downhill in which to make up the time - means you have to run the downhill at the same effort as you use on the flat or uphill - too easy to cruise. Overall I would say harder but if you get the pacing right maybe an extra 5 minutes? Depends how you are on hills really. I paced the first lap fine but the second lap my heart was really not in it.

  • Kittenkat. I think I saw you! Hills were ok first time round, not so nice second time. Although passing people on the hills 2nd time does give a big boost! image I will be back next year and hopefully have a tilt at sub 3 image
  • JG- you are right about the undulating down hill undulating section. In the first lap I found this section really comfortable and reached that europhoric feeling you hear described in the marathon training books. 2nd lap it trashed my quads though and didnt feel so good. They are still sore now. Felt pretty desolate when the HM runners left us at 11 miles and I ran a stretch of 5 or 6 miles pretty much solo.
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    Dylan yeah that second lap was pretty much solo although a few people went past me. I did the first half in 1:37 and then kind of have up a bit on the second lap to finish in 3:34. Wasn't the distance just lack of motivation!

    Nicely organised race KK - should have had you start it instead of Ann Widecombe! Might have inspired me more!
  • JG- might have passed you! I started off fairly slowly but got through half in 1.35 ish. No one passed me in the 2nd half and I think a Marshall said I was 12th just after 15 miles or so. Despite slowing down on hills 2nd time round I passed a fair few people and eventually finished in 5th in 3.13. Got a little glass trophy for my troubles (2nd vet 45., although no 40 vets beat me either!) This was my first marathon and quite chuffed with 5th. I got cold feet a bit after mile 20 and purposely eased off a bit rather than pushing on. Was worried about the 'the wall ' but it didn't show up image I reckon if I had pushed harder could have got sub 3.10.

    To be honest I trained at sub 3 paces and did PD 55 to 70 mile schedule so was probably in shape to get near 3 on a flat course. Another time. I really enjoyed this one though and will probably have another crack next year and push harder now first one is out of the way.
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    Dylan you are prob right in that you could have pushed on but as you say it was your first and you just don't know - great time for your first btw! The pd 55-70 is good - I followed that last year for a 3:15. This year it was my first marathon but have done 6 ultras - thought I could do a couple of weeks doing a bit of speed work and cruise a sub 3:15. Doesn't seem to work that way image still keeps my mileage up. Out for a run today which was fine. You in Devon?
  • Hi

    KK sorry I rushed past you at the entrance to the race start..there was a reason.

    I was only doing the 10k but having not run any of the DMV races for a few years I thought the start was at the Race Course where it used to beimage my OH had parked in Tesco I jumped out the car to go and collect number and spent 15 minutes running round a sodding car boot sale lol..wondering WTF ?? I ended up asking a car park attendant where is the race ??? he pointed me in the right direction lol..

    well done those who did the marathon I did the half a couple years ago and ther is no way I could do 2 laps with those hills

    KK well done on a well organised race and thanks for the weather did you organise that too ?? perfect image


  • Dylan Man, I agree with Jeremy, D Vale isnt really hilly or hard, its just the couple of hills which are short, I have done it quite a few times now and there isnt much in it for a pan flat marathon, maybe a min or 2, the 30-45 sec you loose on THE hill you mke it up on the downs. If you want hills try the Cornish next month, thats a good challenge. image but saying that 2 years ago I did both and was only 2 mins even between them. I was a little guted to miss it this year as I am going for a time in Dublin on monday, ill be back next year for sure. Well done! a good 1st marathon. 

  • JG- based in Bristol but folks in Plymouth, hence Dartmoor connection. Did a nice training run down there. Plymouth to Princetown. About 1500 feet climb in 12 miles or so.

    Muzza- agreed. I am sure there are some much more difficult marathons around than DV, but it is nevertheless tough compared to say Abbingdon or London.

    What's your best time on DV?

    I checked out a few guys times on runbritain and most top 10 finishers in DV have PBS in excess of 10 mins of their best DV times.

    I have analysed my DV garmin connect stats and reckon with what I know about the course now, could have shaved another 2 or 3 mins off without too much trouble. I held back on the down hill bits and an same pace as flat (7.10 ish) really should have been smashing in a few 6.30s?

    When's Cornwall?
  • Pb is 2.50 I've done 2.56 at DV wasn't in best shape for DV as its not usually a goal race, I think most would target a bigger race for a time. Flat courses are harder coz the muscles don't get a rest like in rolling hills. The only to compare is give it a bash yourself. But here really ain't a lot in it. Last year I did 2.53 in Berlin and 3 wks later did 3.00 at DV but I had a massive sugar dip at 22 so cost me 2-3 mins. So I'd say 3 min max, and Berlin is suppose to be that fastest marathon in the world. Hmmmmm.
  • Muzza- thanks for the info.

    I little dicky bird tells me you won Wolverhampton recently. Impressive stuff and some great times fella.

    Realistally, if I train hard and stay injury free do you think I could get near 3 hours in spring ,when my first was 3.13 at DV? Half time 1.23. 10k 36.45. 45 yrs and been running properly for 2 years. I did P&D 55 to 70 -18 weeks for DV and didn't miss a beat. Skipped the doubles though! Coped with this mileage fine with only a few minor niggles.

    Good luck with Dublin.
  • Thanks, your dicky bird is right, had 6 wks off due to a eye op so only been back 2 wks, felt easyon the day as I took it steady till I took the lead. 2.55 usually would give me 5-8th there but you can only beat who turns up or blows up on the day i suppose, a win is a win and ill take it.

    It's a high mileage mate, god knows if you can keep that up for long, I tend to run a lot of marathons but I mix it up with ironman training so my run miles are 30ish per week 40 on a really good week. Yeah you should breeze 3 no problem give gloucester in jan or Taunton a crack in April, entries arnt open yet for taunton but there near you so sleeping in ya own bed etc helps. 1.23 double and add 8-10 mins 2.55ish is on the cards but I'd just try and bank the 2.59.59 1st. Quality training is better than big miles for sure, train smart. image lesson the injury risk. 3.13 is a great effort for a 1st marathon and a good learning experience.
  • Oh I've done 1.19 for a half but ya 10k is 7 sec quicker than my PB so who knows what your capable of image think theres to many marathons in this old boy to get any quicker, especially over the shorter stuff. image
  • Thanks mate.

    Yeh, I'll think I'll have a crack at Taunton in April. January too soon. My Mrs will go ballistic if I started training serious so soon after DV. image

    I'll blast a half to two in the meantime and see if I can get near 1.20. Hopefully my new found endurance will help me. Lol.

    I'll look out for Dublin result.
  • I'm sure it will, bideford half in match is a good one, 4 wks from Taunton.

    Ill give Dublin my all but it's all on the day.
  • Muzzy- how did Dublin go? Decided I'm doing Taunton, but appears not open yet?

    Nice warm up with a half at Bath on 3rd March.
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