Travelling with Gels

Running in the US in a couple of weeks, but have lkearnt that my Gel of choice is not for sale there.

Has anyone ever had eny experience/problems with carrying gels into the US? Do you need to declare any food you are bringing into the country, or is this just for commercial importing?

I was only planning to bring four or five 60ml gels in the luggage that I'd be checking in, so I'd assumed it was not a problem, but if anyone knows differently, please shout!


  • Hi

    I have never travelled with gels and just get them at the Expo. HMRC website should answer your query if you are worried about your gels of choice.

    However when travelling from the UK I have never had my checked-in luggage opened. On three occasions travelling from USA I have had my checked-in luggage opened and searched. If searched on arrival in USA I doubt there would be much interest in your gels.

    Providing you use the padlocks with a red motif and white cross the worst that would happen is the gels could be removed and the padlocks reinstated. Lets face it many people will put shaving gel, shampoo, cream or vaseline in their case. None of these items were removed from my checked-in luggage on leaving USA.

    Best of luck with your race (NYC Marathon?).

  • I've taken gels to the US in my bike case - and they often get opened to check contents - and been fine.   if they're for personal use, then I don't think you need to declare them.

    you'd probably have more problems with them in hand luggage which does get checked more regularly.  

  • They don't count as liquid if that's what you're asking?

    Mr LB had no issues with carrying them in hand luggage to Boston marathon.

  • Thanks all. I'd always assumed I'd not have any issues but had a crazy thought that there might be a problem.

    Martenkay - yep NYC!
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Mine were treated as liquids in hand luggage when flying to Amsterdam, but this was in 2007 when the new regs had just come in.

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    I've seen people have their gels taken away by airport security. I ran Chicago earlier in the month and I packed my gels in with my hold luggage to make sure I didn't get them taken away.

    Taking them in the hand luggage is always a risk.

  • Glad this question was asked, off to the US for a race in Feb and was wondering about that. Won't take gels as hand luggage then.

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