Foot/ankle problems, maybe peroneal

Hi everyone. I wanted to ask your advice, if I may.

A couple of days after doing a half marathon about ten days ago I had a new injury/ache on the outside of my ankle and bottom outside edge of my foot (anatomical descriptions not my strong point I'm afraid). It was 'twingey' and mainly a discomfort/mild pain I felt when pushing off from the ground while walking. It went away quickly with rest. I went to see a sports physio and they examined me to rule out ligament/tendon damage, stress fracture, plantar fasciitis etc. Physio recommended avoiding running but keeping mobile and said it would settle down.

Anyway, it has settled a little bit but it's still there and it's starting to get sore with rest - especially in the morning or if I sit down for too long. It's fluctuating at the moment and reminds me a lot of an achilles problem I had last year.

What I wanted to ask was if you had any suggestions for promoting recovery please. I've heard what the physio has said but I'm just a little concerned that total rest might be worse. And obviously I'm itching to get running again!

With my achilles I found massaging, step exercises, stretch band work and keeping running within limits helped. It seemed to get worse when I rested from running. Does anyone have any experience with similar things?

I also wondered if you thought it was worth getting my running gait checked out somehow. (How would I even do that? I'm not sure.) The physio confirmed the arch in the injured foot is slightly lower and I've always felt like it's a 'weaker leg' for me. On a recommendation from the same physio practice a few months ago I put in some more supportive insoles. Could that be connected to my new injury? Am I just transferring the discomfort I had in my achilles to a different part?

So many questions! I'd appreciate any thoughts or pointers you all have. Thanks!

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