Wetsuit repair

It's getting a bid cold for outdoor swimming, so I'm thinking of getting a bit of maintenance on the wetsuit. At the moment there are only 2 small cuts on the surface, but I'd like to get them fixed. Has anybody any experience of this and know if it is easy to do a good job yourself or if it is worth getting a professional fix (and if so where?).

Thanks in advance for any advice/ experience on this.


  • I understand the stuff you need is called Black Witch!

  • Black Witch

    Careful how you google it   image

  • Yep black witch does the job. Just make sure you don't get it on your hands and if you keep the tube put it somewhere safe. Will take about 5 to 10 minutes to sort out any cut on the suit. It's a good idea to wash away any dirt first and make sure it's completely dry. Just follow the destructions on the tube.

  • OK, thanks - heard of it, but didn't know if it was best.

  • Its wonderful stuff - its taken me a while to perfect my technique of getting my wetsuit on without pulling holes in it image, so have had quite a bit of practice with it, and have had great results every time!! image

  • If the job's too big for Black Witch, these guys are great.

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