For those interested in running the Berlin Marathon 2013, entries open tomorrow,  25th Oct 2012. The following information has just been released on their website. Apply quickly as it fills up in just a few days. I just hope that I make it this time, last time I had to withdraw because of injury.

Registration for the BMW BERLIN MARATHON 2013 starts Thursday, October 25th

At noon on Thursday, October 25, online registration for the 40th BMW BERLIN MARATHON on September 29, 2013 will begin. The limit is set at 40,000 participants. The registration fee for the first 10,000 registrants is 60 Euros. The next 15,000 registrations will have a 90 Euro fee, and the remaining will have a 110 Euro fee. Last time the participation limit was reached after 6 weeks.


About pre-registration:

In order to simplify registration for the 40th BMW BERLIN MARATHON, we have implemented a pre-registration procedure for the stages with the 60- and 90-Euro organisational fees. This is how it works:

On the registration page, fill in the fields with your name, date of birth, and email address, and then click on the "register" button.

This will "pre-register" you; you will receive a confirmation via email.



  • Sounds good. Any recommendations on where to stay?
  • Thanks for the tip but what is the registration web site ........



  • found it ! Good luck to those chasing a place ....


    I have only stayed at the Excelsior so cant really comment on others. The Excelsior is close to the Zoologischer Garten Station which is only a few stops down the line from Berlin Central Station. The Excelsior was excellent but is looking a bit expensive this time round. Also I like the idea of getting a hotel a bit closer to the start this time. A hotel near Berlin Central(Berlin Hauptbahnhof)station is I think a good bet. There are several cheap hostel type hotels in that area as well as very expensive ones. I have booked a studio in the Adina apartment hotel which is easy walking distance of the station. This hotel gets good reviews on trip advisor. Another advantage is the fact that you can get get a train to the station direct from the airport.

  • I ran the Amsterdam Marathon last weekend and after a tip from my Nephew opted for the Flying Pig Youth Hostel in the centre of Amsterdam ..... as a 50 year old I did scratch my head a bit on getting the tip ....but went for it and was really pleased .....there were lots of other runners stopping and whilst me and my friends were at the upper end of the age spectrum the whole experience was positive ..... in Berlin there is a similar (sister) Hostel which is St Christophers so if you want value for money and a bit of a laugh give it a go .........



  • cannot find the registration page - only tells you about registration but no form to fill in? HELP

  • Registration is not open yet. It opens at 12am today 25th October.Try again after 12. 

  • is that not 12 Belin time so 11am our time?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Correct. 11am GMT. I had it confirmed from the organisers that in an attempt to speed up the registration process - you pre-register now and then pay in November.

  • It's a good system, signing up to Paris was a nightmare. This make more sense in handling high traffic
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    ad it's open!.... and so easy!

  • That's me pre-registered, got an instant email confirming I have pre-registered, happy days!

  • I'm registered!
  • done - that was simple!!

  • Done _ that's German efficiency for you ......good luck everyone

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Happy days indeed! It's already at the 2nd band... over 10,000 runners are in!

  • Looks like we did well the first 10,000 have gone already !

  • Im in image I was shocked to see how quick the 60 euro ones went :O 

  •'s now 90 euros!

  • Wow!  Cannot believe the first 10,000 went that quick!

  • I suppose more people signed up due to the fact that they dont need to put their money down until november... I wonder if the people who dont complete the registration for the 60 euro bracket would be sold at 60? 

  • Yes my mate is in at 90 Euro and he was on at 11.05 .............

    The three tier system is all a bit odd ..... but as it is first come first served I guess thats fair enough 

    Booking hotels and flights early would be the next smart move ........ bedt wishes all



  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Eamon - I sorted out my hotel before it opened thinking that everyone would be doing the same. dependent upon the airline - you might not be able to book flights.

    @Damien - I think it was due to the fact that it's the 40th anniversary, it's "the" autumn marathon and they're selling out stupidly quick. Chicago sold out in less than a week this year - and normally that one always had entries.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Btw - according to their facebook page: the first 10,000 were sold in less than 1 minute.


  • Wow! I can't believe that compared to Paris registration!
  • I hope I'm in the first 10,000... Filled it out on my phone at work and didn't really notice!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
      Short notice: At 12:40 CEST (Berlin time) half of the bib numbers have been sold. Be quick!  
  • booked two hotel's the day i got back from Berlin this year thinking it will be all booked up quick. Just got the flights to do, can;t believe it filled up to 10,000 that quick.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Andy - over 20,000 in less than 40 mins. That's incredible.

  • Flights with Lufthansa are still good value £79....return with decent baggage allowance that's from Brum.....

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