• Hi, I missed the registration for the marathon.

    Does anybody know how can I get 2 tickets?


  • You could always try a charity

  • Flights booked, flying from London City via Frankfurt on the Friday

  • Hi Sergio, I have a place for the 2013 Berlin Marathon going if you are still looking for one?

  • All roads now lead to Berlin.

  • Just completed Brighton marathon, now my attention goes to focusing on berlin marathon this coming Aut. Got lots planned for Spring/Summer before the main event!!!
  • Have you other races planned in Stephen?


    How did Brighton go?

  • Hi dirty leeds rob (that is some name u will have to explain)

    Brighton was good. My second best time of 3hrs 42min. My aim for Berlin is to break the 3:30 barrier. I always run better aut marathons than spring due to finding more time to train in spring/summer due to my work.

    I've got 4x10 races coming up with my local running club (that will help my speed work) a charity 24hour bike ride (team of 4 from work) in June and a fun slow marathon with the running club (someone leading us around with map) so that will help keep me up with the long run training.

    Time wise Berlin is the real goal as I have been told it is a fast flat course!!!!!

    How about u, what r u aiming for in Berlin?
  • Hi Folks

    Does anyone have a spare place going for the Berlin marathon this year, assuming that it's still possible to transfer? I ran London last week and am looking for a nice flat one in the autumn for a PB and you can't get much faster than Berlin!

  • Can you transfer? I didn't think that was possible.

    Frankfurt is an excellent alternative. It's a somewhat boring city, but filled with Italian restaurants and lots of fans and rock bands to cheer you on. Pancake flat, too, with a  laser light show finish. I loved it!

  • I don't suppose anybody has a place they would like to sell for the Berlin Marathon this year? I had a bit of a disaster with the Manchester Marathon last week by setting off too quick and eager to rectify it on a flat course like Berlin. 

    Pm or get back to me on here!



  • OK, 16 weeks from Monday, guess a lot of people will be starting their programmes proper.

    How's everyone feeling?

    Struggling a bit for motivation tbh but I'll be fine after a week or two.  Ran a PB at the Chester half a few weeks ago so am in reasonable shape.

    Leeds Rob - think I last saw you in Paris 2009?

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